TVBlob Blob box review

PC makers have been trying - and failing - for years to marry their computer boxes with your living room TV. Will this latest attempt by TVBlob be any different?

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TVBlob blob box

So has TVBlob succeeded where the collective wit and wisdom of Microsoft, Apple, and so on have failed? Hardly.

The BlobBox has some neat features, but it's still just an entertainment PC at the end of the day - no matter how the company tries to dress it up. That means the interface can be frustratingly slow at times: click on an icon and you'll have to wait for its application to be 'built' before it pops up, for example - and there's a lot here that feels half finished.

The digital TV tuner menu openly declares its Beta status, and there are all kinds of layout problems, typos and other anomalies that make it very clear you're not dealing with a slick Sony/Philips/Apple user experience here.

The BlobBox certainly has potential, but until the content, UI and usability improve, we reckon its for Linux geeks and early adopters only. Your girlfriend/parents/gran will hate it.

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