O Play

So the Asus O!Play HDP-R1 promises much, and in some respects it's a very reasonably priced performer. It plays almost any file format you can imagine, and it only costs £80.

However, as much as we tried to love it, we simply can't recommend it due to the serious flaws we encountered during testing.

We liked:

File compatibility is probably the best out of any streamer out there. The addition of MKV compatibility is extremely welcome, and streaming from an external storage device is a painless experience.

We disliked:

Streaming from a Windows PC was an impossibility. The documentation suggests it was designed to work mainly with Windows XP which seems utterly bizarre.

The display problems we encountered were equally as confusing and points to some seriously lazy firmware programming. It's possible that a future firmware update might fix these problems but until that happens, these two issues are both massive deal-breakers.


The Asus O!Play HDP-R had so much potential but ultimately, you'd be mad to buy one until the serious flaws have been addressed.


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