Dell xps 15z

As big fans of the Dell XPS 15, we were looking forward to checking out the XPS 15z. The powerful specs and slender new body on this 15-inch laptop are immediate draws, forming a combination that could be a real winner if executed right.

We liked

The slimmed-down chassis is solidly built and desirable, with a gorgeous minimalist design. The Dell XPS 15z is slender and light enough to carry around when needed, while the battery lasts for over three and a half hours even when playing HD video on the highest power settings.

Usability is another highlight, thanks to the firm isolation-style backlit keyboard and wide touchpad. A whopping 750GB of storage means you can carry around everything you need, and there are plenty of ports to keep you connected.

Dell xps 15z

If you need a PC laptop to consume your media, the full HD screen and powerful integrated speakers are a perfect means of enjoying films and photos.

You're not just limited to watching, however. With a powerful Sandy Bridge processor and dedicated Nvidia graphics on board, you can edit your home movies and indulge in some frantic gaming sessions any time you like.

We disliked

After racking our brains for ages, the best we can come up with is the power cord, which is a little too short. If we wanted to get really picky we'd complain that the screen doesn't tilt back far either, but the excellent viewing angles make it a moot point.


Quite simply, the Dell XPS 15z is one of the best portable laptops we've had the pleasure of reviewing. Masses of power tucked into a slim and portable chassis, with an excellent keyboard and a sharp and vibrant screen. If you're looking for a capable laptop and can afford the £900 price tag, look no further.