Olympus Pen E-PL2: Sample images

Sensitivity range: JPEGS

Full iso 200 image

ISO 200 jpeg crop

ISO 200 JPEG, full image

ISO 400 jpeg crop

ISO 400 JPEG, full image

ISO 800 jpeg crop

ISO 800 JPEG, full image

ISO 1600 jpeg crop

ISO 1600 JPEG, full image

ISO 3200 jpeg crop

ISO 3200 JPEG, full image

ISO 6400 jpeg crop

ISO 6400 JPEG, full image

Sensitivity range: raw files

ISO 200 raw crop

ISO 200 raw, full image

ISO 400 raw crop

ISO 400 raw, full image

ISO 800 raw crop

ISO 800 raw, full image

ISO 1600 raw crop

ISO 1600 raw, full image

ISO 3200 raw crop

ISO 3200 raw, full image

ISO 6400 raw crop

ISO 6400 raw, full image

Magnolia image

Daffodiles from low level

Pinhole image

Pop art image


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