Samsung ST95 review

Happy snappy fun with this unique looking camera from Samsung

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Samsung st95

The Samsung ST95 is a solid little camera. It feels a little weighty, which is nice, and the controls are all placed well for easy access. You may find that your thumb will stray onto the screen without you noticing from time to time especially if you have large hands though.

Moveable parts such as the lens and battery door have a little play in them, but they're not weak. The latter also has a lock on it so it doesn't get opened accidentally.

Samsung st95

The ST95 takes a dedicated lithium ion battery that comes supplied in the box with a charging cable and plug. Charging is internal so the camera will charge from a computer (or mains) while it's downloading the pictures.

With the standard menu layout, coupled with the spacious area on the back and touchscreen, the ST95 is a very easy camera to use. The ST95 comes with a touchscreen stylus for precise use of the screen and it's advisable to use it. We found that using using a finger led to random modes being accessed and trying to scroll through the menu is more difficult without it.