What a whopper! Sigma's 50mm f/1.4 is twice the size and weight of other similar lenses and has a colossal front element promising superior peripheral brightness (reduced corner shading) and improved contrast at wider lens apertures.

The finish and the controls are rock-solid. This is one area where the independent lens makers like Sigma are every bit as good as camera-makers' own lenses, and sometimes better.

Sigma's HSM autofocus motors aren't quite as quiet as Canon and Nikon's, but the differences are small. You get full-time manual focus override, and the focus movement has a smooth, if slightly heavy feel.

The distance scale is very clear and there are depth of field index markers for f/8 and f/16. It would be better if there were markers for wider apertures, too.

This is a good, solid, top-quality lens, but there is both a weight and price premium to be paid.

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