Shooting video is straightforward – your thumb is perfectly positioned to click the record button, while your index finger takes care of zooming in/out and taking photos via the controls on the top of the HDC-TM10. The results are excellent.

The lens boasts a focal length of 2.95mm to 47.2mm and a 30.5 filter diameter. This gives the HDC-TM10 a smooth 16x optical zoom, which is supported by Panasonic's Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and intelligent Auto (iA) modes.

Together they can make even the most amateur of home movie makers seem like a seasoned pro


OIS: image stabilisation eliminates all but the most violent handshakes - you've got to see it to believe it

The Advanced O.I.S technology has been designed to minimise hand-shake, which gets horribly exaggerated when using the zoom. Even the smallest hand movement can become a visible judder that will typically ruin a close-up shot.

So, O.I.S automatically detects and corrects any shakiness, enabling you to shoot more stable footage. And it does this 4,000 times a second. Does it work? Hard to tell. With O.I.S switched on, you've no idea just how bad your original footage was.

As for the iA (Intelligent Auto) mode, this is a familiar feature on Panasonic's Lumix digital cameras. It auto-selects the most suitable scene mode according to the shooting conditions. Combine this with AF/AE (Auto Focus/Auto Exposure) Tracking and you'll always get the best shot possible. Simply touch the AF/AE icon on the LCD and then touch the object or person that you want to track.

The HDC-TM10 subsequently ensures that your target remains in focus. The technology isn't perfect, however, and it can be thrown off when zooming or lose its lock when there are several people in view.