Liquid Image Apex HD + WiFi Camera Goggles review

Helmet cams are all the rage, but what if you want a less conspicuous option?

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The Apex HD + is capable of recording video at 1080p and 720p at 30FPS and 60FPS respectively. It also rocks a built-in microphone but in our tests, while skiing down the mountain, it mostly just picked up wind noise. While quietly riding up the lift the built-in mic did as good a job as can be expected from a helmet cam.

Boasting a 12MP camera the Apex HD + stores data via a 4GB MicroSD card (included) who's slot resides in the left-side housing unit. The device takes about four hours to charge and uses MiniUSB. We would have preferred it to use MicroUSB as that's the format most widely used with mobiles. Of course, this is a rather minor gripe.

Liquid Image Apex HD WiFi Camera Goggles

Now, the Apex HD + WiFi isn't just a camera. It's also a set of goggles. That said, the quality of the goggles was truly impressive. Of course, if you're spending $US399 you expect quality optics. Additionally they ship with two anti-fog, 100 percent UV Protected lenses.


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