There are caveats, but the KDL-46EX503 is easily one of the most versatile – and good value – 46in LCD screens around. Its pros outweigh its cons and even the lack of bigscreen-centric tech, such as LED backlighting or 200Hz scanning, aren't missed too much.

We liked:

Boasting clear and concise picture quality, the KDL-46EX503 is kind to all sources.

The set's interface is among the finest around, with ease of use and a slick presentation combining to make its theoretically complex internet video platform as easy to use as its media playback from USB or DLNA networking.

Its picture quality is aided most by its stunning contrast.

We disliked:

While it's laudable that this TV hosts UK-only Freeview HD broadcasts, the US-centric (and largely uninteresting) content on the otherwise slick Bravia Internet Video platform is disappointing. Access to BBC iPlayer, and perhaps some British newspaper websites or TV guide services would be welcome.

The way it interacts with anything connected via HDMI also needs some attention, as does its media player's file support, while audio can always be improved on.

Its largely ineffective 'Film' mode could benefit from a stronger flavour.


Imbued with some excellent contrast and good colour, this LCD panel's good points make up for its slight lack of ultimate full HD sharpness.

The KDL-46EX503 is all about creating a comfortable, cinematic picture that never feels artificially processed or scarred with artefacts, and in that sense this is a conservative TV; there's little risky processing going on lest it introduces artefacts, as demonstrated by the rather weak frame insertion tech for Blu-ray.

Chuck in some believable black levels, above average contrast and colour that only needs minor tweaks and you've got one of the most versatile screens around that treats video or all origins with tactful care.

And at this giant size and relatively low price, that's an exceedingly rare skill indeed.

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