LG 47lx6900

The 47LX6900 is resplendent in its blue-edged black bezel and crisp, slender lines. It lacks the single-layer finish of LG's premium Infinia sets, but this arguably makes it less reflective of ambient light.

Your enthusiasm will only grow, meanwhile, as you look down its spec sheet and clock both its 3D talents and its connections, which suggest a seriously multimedia-savvy set.

The catch comes when you switch the TV on and find a potentially impressive picture performance spoiled at times by obvious crosstalk noise with 3D sources and an uninspiring black level response made worse by backlight inconsistencies.

We liked:

The 47LX6900 looks very appealing in your average living room, especially if you tend towards quite modern tastes. It's extremely well provided with connections and features too, and there are times when the set's brightness, colour vibrancy and sharpness really help pictures shine.

We disliked:

Dark scenes on the 47LX6900 aren't convincing, thanks to a lack of black level response and patches of backlight inconsistency. 3D pictures are routinely blighted by crosstalk noise and colours aren't as subtle as they have been on some other recent LG TVs.


LG's edge LED 3D debut is not the brand's finest hour. Despite getting off to a very strong start with its pretty design, expansive connectivity and exceptional suite of picture calibration aids, it comes off the rails with conspicuous amounts of crosstalk noise with 3D pictures.

This disappointment isn't the only one, either, as the set's black level response looks rather off the pace compared with many current LED-lit TVs.

Fairly undemanding users might find the 47LX6900 satisfactory, but if you want a quality return on your investment in 3D technology and/or love watching films, then its various flaws will be hard to avoid.

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