We were really impressed by Logitech's UE Boombox. It wasn't small, though, so here's a more bag-friendly, mobile version. It's tiny - one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers we've looked at - but it still packs in a rechargeable battery.

It's nicely made, even if it lacks the great feel of its big brother's solid aluminium. Tough grilles at the front and back protect the speakers and a matt plastic shell makes it easy to grab.

Importantly, the sound quality is very good for a small speaker. The high end is big and clear, and there's a surprising amount of bass for its size - turn it up and you can really feel it. It's short, sharp bass rather than deep or resonant, but it's still impressive for the size.

The mid-range is the weakest area, a little overpowered by the treble and lacking warmth. You don't get loads of detail, but again it's good for the size. Voices are nice and clear, so it's good for TV, but it often sounds a little compressed, with things like cymbals or individual strings in guitar chords lacking definition.

This is one of the best sounding mobile speakers around, and compared to other mobile Bluetooth options, it's a decent price, too.