We've seen many all-singing, all-dancing satellite receivers over the past 12 months and very impressive most of them have been. But there's still a place for more modestly specified receivers like the Icecrypt S1000C.

It's a standard-def receiver fitted with a Conax card reader, making it well suited for receiving channels transmitting from Scandinavian countries.

There's support for DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 motorisation and a symbol rate range of 2-45,000. Channels can be sorted in several ways including alphabetically, by satellite, and the conditional access system used, and there's a 7-day EPG with reservation option.

Connections include two Scarts, composite video out, SP/DIF and phono audio outputs and a UHF loopthrough with modulator. The receiver runs on a caravan-friendly 12V power supply. Test soon.