The best Xbox One deals in April 2017

The best cheap Xbox One S and Xbox One deals available right now.

There are some excellent Xbox One deals and bundles around this week. It looks like Microsoft is pretty keen to put pressure on its rivals as the Xbox One is now the cheapest of the current generation of gaming consoles. We're happy to let the discounts roll in too as you can get a brand new Xbox One S with a few games for under £220 nowadays.

Retailers are stocking some super cheap Xbox One deals as standalone purchases and value-packed bundles with extra games. Some bundles often cost less than the standalone consoles too, so be sure to check out our hand-picked list of the best Xbox One offers below the comparison charts.

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cheap xbox one s deals

Xbox One S deals

The slimmed-down design of the Xbox One S looks much better than the original chunky box and the power brick is now a thing of the past. The main draw though is 4K visual support meaning you'll be able to watch specialised Blu-Ray and Netflix content in 4K on your new 4K TV.

Original Xbox One deals

The price comparison chart below is for the old, original model of the Xbox One. As things stand you can regularly get cheaper prices with the newer Xbox One S, so we'd urge you to take a look above before splashing the cash on the original Xbox One.

Xbox One deal of the week

Xbox One S | Forza Horizon 3 | Ghost Recon: Wildlands | £219.99 @ Tesco
Tesco is at it again with the discounted bundles. Follow the link and add the Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One S bundle, then Ghost Recon: Wildlands manually and it'll discount down to £219.99 in your basket, no code required.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Forza Horizon 3, Ghost Recon: Wildlands £219.99 @ Tesco

The best Xbox One bundle deals this week

Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | Ghost Recon: Wildlands | extra controller | £249.99 @ Tesco
This is a fine alternative to the offer above. Click the link below, then add the 500GB Xbox One S FIFA 17 bundle to your basket. Click Step 2 and add a controller of your choice. Then add Ghost Recon: Wildlands manually, and the bundle will discount down to £249.99 automatically.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, extra controller £249.99 @ Tesco

Xbox One S | Battlefield 1 | £209.85 @ Amazon
Battlefield 1 may have been out since late last year, but it's still close to full-price on its own, so any discounted bundle is well worth a look for one of the best shooters of the last few years. Oh, and it comes with an Xbox One S! But yes, this is a super cheap price for the console alone, so act fast if you want to get off that fence.

Get this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 £209.85 @ Amazon

Xbox One S | Forza Horizon 3 | Halo 5 | Now TV sub | £219.99 @ Game
Get your new Xbox One console with Forza Horizon 3, Halo 5 and a three-month Now TV entertainment pass and you're all set for months of fun for just £219.99.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Forza Horizon 3, Halo 5, Now TV £219.99 @ Game

Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | Forza 5 | Now TV | £219.99 @ Game
If you need a bit of footy in your bundle, then this is the best one around. not only do you get FIFA 17, but you also get a copy of Forza 5  and a three-month Now TV entertainment pass. Again, just £219.99 from Game.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, FIFA 17, Forza 5 Now TV £219.99 @ Game

Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | Forza Horizon 3 | Rare Replay | Killer Instinct £219.99 @ Microsoft
Microsoft is weighing into the battle for your cash this week too and this is a superb deal with four quality games for your new Xbox One S.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S with 4 games £219.99 @ Microsoft

Xbox One S Minecraft bundle | £179.99 @ SimplyGames
If you're not bothered about extras and just want the absolutely cheapest deal for a new Xbox One S, this is it. SimplyGames is celebrating the weekend early and saying pish to profit margins with this superbly cheap Xbox One deal. You're also getting Minecraft: Favourites Edition thrown in for nothing.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S Minecraft bundle £179.99 @ SimplyGames

1TB Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | £199.99 @ Smyths
Wow, Smyths has smashed £30 off its already generous price last week! If you're a regular gamer, we'd recommend opting for one of the larger 1TB Xbox One deals where possible. Get the 1TB Xbox One S console and FIFA 17 for £199.99.

View this Xbox One deal: 1TB Xbox One S with FIFA 17 £199.99 @ Smyths

xbox one s bundles

1TB Xbox One S | Gears of War 4 | £219.99 @ SimplyGames
Gears of War 4 should be high on the must-buy list of any new Xbox One S owner. So this is an ideal bundle, especially if you're going to acquire a fair few games as the 1TB hard drive is much more manageable than the 500GB console. This is a great price for a 1TB Xbox One, so the bundled game just sweetens the deal.

View this Xbox One deal: 1TB Xbox One S with Gears of War 4 £219.99 @ SimplyGames

1TB Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | extra FREE game | £269.99 @ Microsoft
The 1TB versions of the Xbox One are always worth a look for easier memory management and this one saves you a tidy sum thanks to Microsoft throwing in a free game from a choice of Gears 4, Halo Wars 2 or Forza Horizon 3 in addition to the download code for FIFA 17. Click the 1TB option once you click through below and choose your free game from the next screen. 

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, FIFA 17 and extra game £269.99 @ Microsoft 

1TB Xbox One S | Halo Wars 2 and Season Pass | extra FREE game | £269.99 @ Microsoft
In addition to a 1TB Xbox One S you're also getting Halo Wars 2 and the season pass. Microsoft has vastly improved this Xbox One deal by adding Gears 4 or Forza Horizon 3 for free too (option appears after adding console to basket).

View this Xbox One deal: 1TB Xbox One S, Halo Wars 2, extra FREE game and Season Pass - £269.99 @ Microsoft

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