The TechRadar Christmas wishlist

James Rivington, Reviews Editor, Bath

James rivington

Panasonic TX-P65VT20B

I want this one bad, but not because it's the best 3D TV on the market. Forget 3D, I want it because it's arguably the best 2D TV too.

OK, so I haven't got room for it in my living room. I probably couldn't even get it up the stairs into my top-floor flat. But I still want it, and I'd smash out the side of the building and winch it up with my bare hands if I had to.

Panasonic s tx p65vt20b

Kinect for Xbox 360

This one's going to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year.

I'm still not convinced by Kinect, but I can't ignore the fact that almost every person I've played it with so far seems to think it's the best thing to happen to gaming since Mother Teresa Mud Wrestling on the N64.

Microsoft kinect for xbox 360

iPhone 4

Noooooooo. I never thought I'd say it, but I really want an iPhone. I'm using an Android phone at the moment, the exact model of which shall remain anonymous (OK, it's a Galaxy S) and while most of the time it's a super phone, the occasional lag and lock-up issues are infuriating.

It just highlights for me how great the iPhone really is.

Apple iphone 4

Sky Player

For anyone who lives in a listed building like I do (and are thus unable to stick a satellite dish to the side of it), Sky Player is a godsend.

The service is almost bulletproof, the picture quality is fantastic – especially on a TV screen – and it's becoming available on a variety of living room devices such as Freeview+ boxes and the like.

Sky player

Android tablet

Last but not least, I'd love a fully-optimised super-awesome Android tablet to seriously rival the iPad for my time.

Sadly, such a device does not exist yet. Roll on 2011, Android 3.0 and some interesting hardware…

Samsung galaxy tab