Hugh Langley: Staff Writer

Sony KD 55X TV

Sony KD 55X

4K is picking up and what better excuse to make use of that extra living room space than with a massive new TV? Sony's 65-incher promises to be a good place to start, especially as it'll give my Blu-rays a whole new lease of life.

Of course, at £5,999 I can't actually afford the damn thing, so here's hoping that someone will slip it among the pile of presents this year. I'm gonna need a bigger tree.

Elmo projector


Then again, maybe I should just chuck out the TV and focus on the wall behind it. Elmo's BOX-i projector would mean skipping on the 4K but if it's going to give me a 70-inch picture, I still win.

There's a white Wi-Fi model if you're looking to really splash out but the T-350 Entertainment Model is the one for me. Top gaming projector, this one.

Fitbit force

Fitbit Force

Annoyingly the Fitbit Force isn't out in the UK yet so I'm hoping Santa does international delivery. The Flex was nice enough but the Force is much better suited to the fitness wearable market of now – altimeter, NFC support, and an OLED display to tells you who's calling.

Also, what better way to get me moving after I've stuffed my face with a small village worth of chocolate?