John McCann: Mobile Devices writer



I've always been a PlayStation guy. I had the original PSX, PSOne, PS2 and I'm currently rocking a PS3 under my TV.

PS4 is a natural progression - I love PlayStation. I far prefer the controller over the chunky lump of plastic Xbox offers and while many complain about the lack of launch titles it doesn't phase me. I'm a boring gamer - I play FIFA, GTA, GT and that's about it.

Sony Bravia X9

Sonos Sub

I first saw the Bravia X9 during CES in Vegas at the start of the year and it was love at first sight. The picture is amazing, the design is a winner and the 65-inch version just needs to be in my life, like RIGHT NOW.

So what if it costs £6,000 and there's pretty much no 4K footage - I'll be the talk of the town and that'll sooth my ego over the holiday period.

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm Toq

Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment, but no one is quite sure why. While I'm still on the fence about their purpose in life I'm a sucker for new tech and I want something on my wrist to show off.

The Qualcomm Toq is my favourite of the current crop - simple, understated and an always on, colour display. It's just as shame it's only available in the US. P&P is going to cost a bomb...

And one app for Boxing Day

Football Manager

Boxing day - cue the hangover, indigestion and a day in bed. I need an app to keep me entertained - hello FM 2014! Watford will be champions by dusk.