Kate Solomon: News Editor

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Every year I put a MacBook on my Christmas wishlist and every year literally everyone fails to get me one. It's almost as though nobody wants to spend thousands of pounds on a laptop for me. Think I need some new friends - I wonder if Evan Spiegel is free.

Nintendo Wii + Super Mario Kart

MacBook Pro

You can keep your next gen, I want previous gen. Seriously, I'm jonesin for some Mario Kart. I'd settle for a SNES. I'd settle for YOU getting a SNES and me just popping round one Saturday. Come on now, that sounds reasonable to me.

Berg LittlePrinter


This pricey little guy prints out motivational messages and little bits of news when you walk past him and it costs like £170 and then you've got to buy these £5 paper refills and it's sort of pointless and I dunno guys, I just want one, ok?

And an App for Boxing Day


Tinder - some people use it for random hook-ups, some people for serious dating, some people just enjoy rejecting people en masse. As a member of the latter camp, I've lost hours to left-swiping all these identical fish-holding, tiger-stroking, colour-running guys. Can't think why they're all single. Cannot fathom it at all.