Gareth Beavis: Mobile devices editor

PlayStation 4


I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a Christmas present as much as this - sure, the PS4 has no decent games yes and all my PS3 titles will be useless, but it's next-gen. I don't need to know any more than that. It just ticks the next-gen box.

HP ENVY Recline 23 TouchSmart Beats SE All-in-One

Envy Recline

I saw this the other day and it immediately made me not want to buy a new laptop any more. It's powerful, it's well-designed and (and this makes me sad) the reason I want it most is it's red. It just looks great.

The Moga Ace power


Finally, a decent controller for the iPhone, and one that will work with an iPod Touch too thanks to the innovative sliding design. Phones are now the new handheld consoles, and there's no shame in still needing the familiarity of physical keys.

And one app for Boxing Day

Asus Vivobook

Real Racing A free, high-def racing game that all my friends are playing, thus giving me times to beat? That's me in trouble at Christmas dinner.