Top 7 best business mobiles in the UK in 2016: top smartphones for work

A round-up of the best smartphones on the market for business users

Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

A more productive way to be mobile

Since the Note 5 is not officially available in the UK, the best Android-based device with a pen remains the Note 4, still a very capable device. Multi-tasking is part of the parcel of business these days and what better phone to handle this than the Galaxy Note 4 with its stunning QHD (better than full HD) 5.7-inch display, 3GB of RAM and serious power inside.

A great battery life and expandable memory have always been key Galaxy Note features, but you can now add a more premium design to that list. A metal frame runs round the circumference of the handset, and while the rear is still plastic it's a big step forward for Samsung and it's a welcome addition. The S Pen has been given a boost with greater accuracy, making handwriting and multi-tasking even easier. Snap two apps side by side on screen if you want to up your efficiency even more.

iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus

The alternative business smartphone

Supersized smartphones are all the rage these days, even Apple has one, and if the Cupertino firm's styling and iOS heritage appeals to your business then check out the excellent 6s Plus. Its 5.5-inch display is one of the best on the market and the A9 processor that powers it regularly ranks amongst the most powerful in smartphone-dom.

It supports more LTE bands than most smartphones and its enclosure is made of the same grade of aluminium alloy as used in the aerospace industry. Add in iOS9, Siri and a bunch of other innovations (like Touch ID and 3D Touch) and you have a very capable business phone, one whose profile was raised by Apple's close collaboration with IBM.

Lenovo K80M

Lenovo K80M

A precursor of things to come from China

(Note that the above price excludes VAT but includes delivery). This smartphone is worthy of a special mention on this list as a business phone for a number of reasons. It is built by Lenovo, the biggest PC manufacturer on the planet, one who also owns Motorola as well. It shipped directly from China which is a novel but growing shift in the way products are purchased.

It has a headline-grabbing 4GB of RAM, same as most desktop PCs, and 64GB of storage. Despite these – and a quad-core Intel CPU, it retails for less than £150, a fraction of what similar smartphones will cost here. Sadly though, because it doesn't have local warranty you will need to send it back for repairs.