Ultrabooks for business: our top 10

The business Ultrabooks to buy

HD videos look absolutely brilliant and you'll be able to edit digital photos, or make changes to even the most detailed documents with supreme accuracy thanks to the incredibly deep blacks and the vibrant colours.

Its dual-core 1.9GHz i7 CPU smashed through an array of digital tasks in testing; photo editing, even super high-res images, was a cinch and, thanks also to the 4GB of RAM packed in, you'll also have no issues when carrying out multiple tasks at once.

Sure, it's extremely pricey and sure, there are chunkier machines that offer a meatier CPU punch, but if you're looking for the ultimate Ultrabook, then the Asus Zenbook Prime is the obvious answer.

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What to look for when choosing an Ultrabook - Connectivity

Obviously, one of the key strengths of any Ultrabook is that it's incredibly portable. But it's all well and good your super-slim machine sliding in your bag with ease and not weighing you down when you're out and about – you're also going to need plenty of connectivity options to make the most of your chosen Ultrabook.

Fortunately, connectivity is another strong point of the Ultrabook clan with all models packing the latest Wi-Fi Technology, Bluetooth is usually on board as standard, and a number of physical ports are on offer as well.

Wi-Fi hotspots are ubiquitous nowadays and there are a number of ways of gaining access to premium hotspots such as BT's WiFi network and The Cloud for free such as signing up for BT home internet, or by being a Sky customer.

Ethernet, for wired web, isn't always available on Ultrabooks (due to the chunky size of an RJ45 connector) but USB to Ethernet adapters are cheap and simple to use.

3G connectivity hasn't yet hit the Ultrabook range as of yet, although future launches such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 do include space for a SIM card – so we wouldn't be surprised to see this become a more prolific offering going forward.