Ultrabooks for business: our top 10

The business Ultrabooks to buy

At 1.7kg, it's hardly a heavyweight but, in Ultrabook terms, it isn't particularly light either. It's still thin enough though, measuring 21mm at its thickest point – which is the maximum an Ultrabook can be.

In our battery tests it performed brilliantly, managing 258 minutes before it was fully drained. This may be down to its Core i3 processor, which is less demanding than the Core i5 used in other Ultrabooks.

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Dell Inspiron 14z
Dell Inspiron 14z

8/ Dell Inspiron 14z


From £579

Dell's first Ivy Bridge Ultrabook doesn't disappoint, with a wealth of cutting edge tech packed into its, admittedly slightly chunky, frame at a very affordable price point.

As mentioned, the Inspiron 14z isn't the lightest or sleekest Ultrabook in town; weighing 1.9kg and with measurements of 344 x 240 x 21mm. However, there is plenty of port activity taking place with a combi headset and microphone port, multi-card reader, HDMI, Ethernet and two USB 3.0 ports.

As with all Dell laptops, you can customise the specs for your business' needs. There's a choice of the latest generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors along with the integrated Intel HD Graphic 4000. You can also opt for discrete graphics too if your work tasks involve a lot of graphic-heavy operations.

You'll have no worries taking the 14z out and about - there's enough metal in the chassis to ensure solidity and the rounded edges make it an aesthetically pleasing machine too. The screen bezel is on the large side though, and makes a bit of a meal of the 14-inch, 1,366 x 768 display.

An optical drive is on offer, however – a rarity in the Ultrabook world – so the 14z also makes for a great machine if you have a lot of content stored on physical discs.

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Toshiba Z930
Toshiba Z930

7/ Toshiba Z930


From £749

Toshiba impressed us with its original Ultrabooks and the Ivy Bridge powered Z930 only serves to highlight the Japanese giant's commitment to the new form factor.

The Toshiba Z930 sticks to the same design guidelines and connections of the original Z830 – but the spec sheet has been given a heck of a revamp.

Built around a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317U CPU, the speed and efficiency of the Z930 is far greater than anything in the first-gen Ultrabook club. Given that there's also a generous 6GB on offer too and you'll see why multitasking on this skinny PC is no issue.

All that the Z930 offers in terms of storage is a 128GB SSD, so it's more suited for someone looking for speed rather than massive storage although you can always expand using SD cards or an external hard drive.

Measuring at 20mm thick, Toshiba's latest toy is incredibly light at just 1.1kg. Ivy Bridge processors are designed to consume less power and improve battery life; the Z930 lasted 210 minutes under stress before giving up the ghost, indicating a real-life life cycle of around five hours.

You can also use that power for another useful feature: sleep and charge, which lets you power up a smartphone or other USB device, even while it's on standby.

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Sony Vaio T13
Sony Vaio T13

6/ Sony Vaio T13


From £580

Sony's first ever Ultrabook is a well-designed and moderately powered slim laptop that is available for a great price if you're prepared to scale down the spec-sheet a little bit.

And while the price tag is fairly cheap, the design and build quality of the T13 Ultrabook is anything but. Despite not being as sleek as Apple's MacBook Air, or as pretty as the Asus Zenbook range, it is a superb machine with an industrially sharp finish unlike any other slimline notebook that we've seen.