Facebook revamps Android developers SDK

Following the recent update for Apple developers, Facebook has just announced the "biggest overhaul" of their Android SDK for Android, to help mobile developers to build Facebook integration into their apps.

Announced on the official Facebook developers blog by Michael Marucheck, the Facebook engineer explained "With this update, our SDK provides advanced functionality that makes it easier to build more immersive social experiences, as well as better distribute and promote your app. With our SDK and Open Graph, now it's even easier to get more people to install and use your apps regularly."

The new SDK includes;

  • Pre-built Fragments and Views for common tasks. Built-in caching and on-demand loading
  • Friend Picker to let users tag friends in an Open Graph action or find other people who installed the app.
  • Places Picker which shows nearby places with customisable locations.
  • Profile Picture control showing the profile picture for any Facebook object, including people, places and things.
  • Simpler login controls and simplified ways to manage user identity and app permissions.

The new Facebook Android Friend picker functionality

The new Facebook Android Friend picker functionality

Facebook is also introducing a new Android Development Centre so developers can quickly access tools and resources needed to build Facebook integration into their Android apps.

The Android Dev Center content includes information on getting up and running with the SDK, tutorials, concept examples where developers can learn the basics of building and growing apps with Facebook and sample code.