BusinessLink Social trading platform

The problem with social networks is they're very good for making new connections, but to sell your goods and services you need to then entice the customer out of the network and onto your website.

Workspace provider Regus has created a social network combined with a trading platform, creating a social trading platform. The BusinessLink, allows Regus customers worldwide to buy and sell products and services, and connect with other businesses using the Regus network.

BusinessLink comprises a website accessible via Regus global customer portal, as well as informal networking events held around the world. The BusinessLink website allows users to browse through online offers posted by businesses using Regus workspace across 95 countries worldwide, or request specific products and services when needed.

The new BusinessLink social trading platform from Regus

The new BusinessLink social trading platform from Regus

Celia Donne, Regional Director at Regus notes, "The rise and rise of business social media networks mean that today they are as essential a tool to finding new customers as face-to-face interaction. For many years our customers have told us of the added value of being able to connect and do business with other companies using Regus.

Adding, "We are excited to respond to their needs with the launch of BusinessLink, which will instantly become one of the world's largest invite-only trading portals. Solely accessible by Regus office and virtual office customers, BusinessLink brings a global market within the reach of any company, no matter how large or small."