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Tizen: The operating system that could thwart Android?


We delve into the depths of Samsung's mysterious new mobile OS

The name 'Tizen' has been bandied about in mobile tech circles for some time now but for anyone other than the most ardent follower of mobile matters, the odd-sounding moniker mightn't mean all that much. For those who are still unsure what exactly Tizen is, what it might mean to the general tech consumer, and wondering whether it'll prove a viable competitor to Google's Android, we've taken a closer look at this next gen-operating system. Continue reading...

Android Modding 101: what you need to know about rooting your phone

Android Modding 101 what you need to know about rooting your phone

In Mod we trust...

"Just root it" is something you've probably heard said if you've spent any meaningful time hanging around a hardcore Android user. But, unless you've spent too much time lingering in the darker corners of the internet, you probably get lost when people start comparing ROMs. As Android phones have taken off, rooting (the process of getting super access to your phone, and being able to change it as you see fit) has become an increasingly mainstream thing to do. Continue reading...

The exciting technology that's making driverless cars a reality

nissan leaf

What can you expect from the brave new world of driverless cars?

As BMW enters the race to build a fully functional driverless, and with this year's CES giving away 140,000sq ft of exhibition space to the concept, it's no longer a case of if, but when will these vehicles arrive on our streets. Had too many Jägermeisters? No worries, get yourself some kip and let the car do the driving. Can't find your vehicle in the parking lot? Don't sweat it, the car will come to you. This isn't fantasy, tech companies and car manufacturers are teaming up to make it a reality.

Replacing the Wii U would be madness - Nintendo needs a different kind of Fusion

Replacing the Wii U would be madness Nintendo needs a different kind of Fusion

Is a new console just a pipedream?

No one really buys into this Nintendo Fusion business, surely. Locking down the specs of a whole new console before the Wii U has even turned two? Unlikely at best. And as for replacing the 3DS, the best selling console of 2013, in the process - now that really doesn't really add up. NintendoNews is confidently standing by its "very reputable source" – fair enough – but it all smells pretty fishy to us. Continue reading...

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