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At £120 it's a fair bit cheaper than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, yet we think it's a more complete tablet overall thanks largely to the presence of stock Android.

You'll get some surprisingly accomplished components for your money, including a decent HD display and decent storage, while even some occasionally underwhelming performance and an atrocious camera can't erode its bargain status. Tesco Hudl review

Sony SmartWatch 2

The wrist-based sequel that Samsung should be worried about

Hands on Sony Smartwatch 2 review

The Sony Smartwatch 2 is the ideal companion for your Android Ice Cream Sandwich or above smartphone, making it an almost universally appealing device.

It's got sleek lines, a lower price and a decent range of apps available at launch, making it a toy you can legitimately ask for at Christmas and then spend all day playing with.

The Smartwatch 2 doesn't suffer from the lag we've seen with so many other smartwatches, and a long battery life makes it a much better proposition for the charging-naysayer than the Galaxy Gear. Hands on: Sony SmartWatch 2 review

Canon G16

Canon's workhouse G series premium compact gets refreshed

Hands on Canon G16 review

Canon always produces solid performers in its G series cameras. While that's appealing to the traditionalist crowd, it is now fighting a harder battle than ever before to keep market share in the crowded premium compact camera market.

While we've no doubt that the Canon PowerShot G16 will be capable of producing fantastic images, it will have to go some way to beat the excellent Sony RX100 Mk II. It's interesting that Canon has decided to keep the same (relatively) small sensor for the latest G series and hasn't been tempted to go down the same larger route as the Sony. Whether image quality will suffer because of this remains to be seen. Hands on: Canon G16 review

HP Chromebook 11

Has the Chromebook finally found its feet?

Hands on HP Chromebook 11 review

Overall, we really took to the Chromebook 11, which could well prove to be the first Chromebook that tempts us away from our catwalk dwelling ultrabooks to try something a bit different, honest and (whisper it) maybe even a bit sexy.

But it has to be remembered that at this price, Chromebooks are almost certainly going to be about compromises for the foreseeable future, whether that's wringing the most out of the comparatively limited Chrome OS, plugging it in more often, or putting up with less screen estate and processing horsepower. Hands on: HP Chromebook 11 review

Olympus OM-D E-M1 review

It's Olympus's top-end compact system camera

Hands on Olympus OM D E M1 review

Olympus sees the OM-D E-M1 as the replacement to the E-5, the last high-end SLR the company made. It's hoping that it will convert diehard SLR users to switch to a lighter, more portable camera. On the face of it, Olympus may get its way: the E-M1 has a comprehensive featureset and its handling seems well thought through. Of course we'll only know for sure once we've been able to shoot extensively with a full-production sample.

The E-M1 will be available from mid-October 2013. Prices start at £1,299 (AUD$1,599) for the body only and £1,949 (AUD$2,399) for a kit including the new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-40mm 1:2.8 lens announced at the same time. Hands on: Olympus OM-D E-M1

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