Panasonic king of the five star rating in 2008

TechRadar annual reviews list shows clear leader

It's far from scientific, but Panasonic has topped TechRadar's list of the most five star reviews in 2008 – registering a hugely impressive 26 maximums to push past the likes of Samsung, Sony, Pioneer and Apple.

We've ploughed back through reviews for 2008 to pull out the salient statistics and it is abundantly clear that Panasonic is a clear leader.

The manufacturer formerly known as Matsushita finally adopted its most famous brand as its official company name this year, but the re-badging doesn't appear to have affected the build quality of its products.

Samsung, Apple, Pioneer, Canon and Philips

Panasonic's 26 five star reviews put it well clear of nearest rival Samsung on 18, Apple deserves special mention with its haul of 17 and Pioneer (15) and Canon and Philips on 14 make up the top five (technically six).

Compared to the all time leaderboard, Sony has not had a particularly strong year. The Japanese super firm is second, again to Panasonic, in five-star ratings since the site opened its doors, but it is languishing in equal 7th.

The reviews on TechRadar cover a wide range of products with the vast majority coming from Future Publishing's raft of consumer electronics magazines.

TechRadar five star review count

26 Panasonic
18 Samsung
17 Apple
15 Pioneer
14 Canon
14 Philips
13 Denon
13 Sony
10 Creative
9 Asus
8 Adobe
8 Arcam
8 Nokia


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