My dad is more tech than me

When it comes to tech, my parents win - I lose

This is staring right at me asking me to love it

I have a confession to make: my dad is more tech than me.

It never used to be like this. I was always the one with the games consoles, latest MP3 player and camera.

I was the one that got him into DVDs – showing him that, unlike, VHS, they don't take an age to rewind, can't be chewed up (I skipped the part about them being scratched) and they have this magical thing called special features. It was the same with Blu-ray.

But then something changed; the apprentice became the master.

Having not lived at home for more than a decade, each time I come back my parents have got some new fangled tech to show off.

Apple iPod touch? Check. iPhone? Yup. Nintendo DSi – he's got one of those too.

The latest purchase is a 50-inch Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player, something I am staring at with envy right now writing this.

The logic behind the buy is actually pretty sound – the shop he bought it from had an offer on that made the TV cheaper to have than a non-3D one.

Saying that, it is a big purchase. Too big, as he apparently went white when the TV was delivered, knowing it was too big for the room.

Like all dads, though, he sorted out this problem… by sawing off the legs of the stand so it is lower to the floor.

The whole thing will probably collapse if you breathe on it, but this 30cm adjustment has probably saved his marriage to my mum.

Deep into technology

I have been pretty blessed in the last two-and-a-bit years working at TechRadar, trying out the latest technology years before it hits the shop and, in all honesty, a sense of jadedness does seep in from time to time.

It's not that my love affair for technology is ending, it's just that I am more enthused about products that aren't out yet.

While I am clinging on to the (increasingly unlikely) possibility that the PSP Phone being amazing, 3D is hitting living rooms. This is something that brings the 'wow' factor to people like my parents, like it did to me back in 2008.

But this doesn't mean I don't want it. Seeing this 3D TV in my folk's house has brought out my jealous side. And knowing what my mum has got my dad for Christmas (you can probably guess given the above list) has me even more craving the technology he is stockpiling in his home.

My dad is now so tech, he uses his iPhone for sat nav in his car (the original sat nav is probably now gathering dust in the boot) and he has rigged up the lights in my parent's three bedroom semi detached house to dim when he wants them to; this switch also currently controls the Christmas tree.

I haven't quite worked out how to turn the Christmas tree lights on yet because of this. Mum won't be happy.

Have you turned it off an on?

My only saviour in this is that I get to play with all the toys when I come home. Play and actually show my parents how they work.

Last year it was how to stop the iPhone constantly synching with the computer. This year it is showing that they can convert 2D TV to 3D via the television. Jeremy Kyle has never looked so in your face.

I still wake up in cold sweats, remembering the time I tried to explain to my mum how to get music on to the frankly rubbish MP3 player my dad got her for her birthday one year.

I wrote her a five-point checklist to keep with her at all times. She was over the moon. Then lost the list and bought an iPod.

I also sorted out the Sky+ HD box, last night as it was playing up. I only turned it off and on but it worked and they are happy.

Considering the mountain of tech procured, TechRadar is barely read in this household. I've always been confused about this, as there's some stuff on the site my dad would love.

But he seems to want to work things out for himself and listen to what the folks in Currys think than looking it up on the web – something I think a lot of parents still do.

There may be a point when I overtake my dad when it comes to technology but, at the moment, his disposable income wins out, as does the amount of time he has on his hands to enjoy these gadgets.

At least my mum isn't as tech savvy. She's only got the iPod, netbook, Freeview PVR…

I have a confession to make: my mum is more tech than me.

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