Microsoft's Chinese offices raided by government officials

No reason given yet

A spokesperson for Microsoft has revealed that the its Chinese offices have had impromptu visits from Chinese government officials but failed to provide more details as to why that happened.

The news comes two months after the Chinese government notified Microsoft that it was banning gthe use of Windows 8 on new computers, opting instead for home-grown, Linux-based distributions.

A Reuters report mentions the Chinese's State Administration for Industry and Commerce as being the entity whose employees ivsited at least four Microsoft offices in China.

Microsoft said in a statement that "We aim to build products that deliver the features, security and reliability customers expect and we're happy to answer the government's questions."

The company has been at the receiving end of the tug-of-war between the United States and China over alleged spying accusations with each nation accusing the other of using a number of techniques to spy and steal military and commercial secrets.

Microsoft share price is down - at the time of writing - by nearly 1%, far more than its competitors on the NASDAQ stock market.


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