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But then again, such is the clamour to know all about it, is that such a bad move? There are literally millions of people the world over who can't wait to see what the next handset from Apple will be, and there was no surprise with the iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S review

iPhone 5C review

Apple iPhone 5C

It's a cheaper iPhone, not a cheap iPhone

The iPhone 5C marks a new era in Apple's mobile onslaught, as the Cupertino-based firm finally breaks rank from premium design and price by offering up a device which is slightly more affordable. Slightly being the key word there.

Before you start getting excited about the potential of a "cheap iPhone", be warned that the iPhone 5C is no mid-range Android rival, because with prices starting a £469 ($549, AU$739) for the a 16GB SIM-free handset you're still talking quite a lot of money. iPhone 5C review

iOS 7 review

iOS 7

The features you'll love and the flaws you won't

iOS 7 is the biggest change to Apple's mobile OS since Steve Jobs changed his mind and allowed third party apps onto the iPhone.

Where previous iOS updates were largely a case of install-and-get-on-with-it, iOS 7 takes a bit more getting used to.

Don't worry, though: Apple isn't hurling babies out with the bathwater here. The iOS we know and largely love is still there, but it's been given one hell of a makeover. iOS 7 review

Panasonic TX P50GT60 review

Panasonic TX-P50GT60

Perfect plasma sweet spot is a triumph of trickle-down tech

Who said plasma was dead? While most brands concentrate on selling us edge LED-lit TVs – even Panasonic – there's nothing like a pricey plasma to remind us of why flat TVs caught on in the first place.

Following in the wake of its barn-storming 'reference' flagship & step-down plasmas, the 60-inch TX-P60ZT65 and 50-inch TX-P50VT65, the much cheaper TX-P50GT60 has a lot to live up to. Or is this the ultimate trickle-down TV? Panasonic TX-P50GT60 review

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