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Virgin 100Mb broadband

This week saw Virgin Media announce its plans to roll out 100Mbps broadband while Steve Jobs claimed that adding Flash to the iPad would lower its battery life from 10 hours to just 1.5.

We also looked at the pros and cons of 3D gaming, asked whether the iPod has killed music, and revealed our top 20 list of games we want to see on the iPad.

Hot reviews this week include the Samsung 40C7000 3D TV, the Canon IXUS 105 IS and the Panasonic TX-P42X10.

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Top five news stories for sale again – one of the world's most desired web addresses – is once more up for sale, with owners Escom LLC in foreclosure. The address has managed to create huge amounts of controversy over the years, and was bought last time out for a whopping $14 million (£9.1m).

Virgin Media to roll out 100Mbps broadband

Virgin Media has announced that it plans to start the roll out of a 100Mbps broadband service before the end of 2010. Virgin, which currently offers its 4.1 million customers the choice of 10Mb, 20Mb, or 50Mb connections, claims the new, improved speed, which uses fibre optic cable, will mean that users would be able to download an hour long TV show in just 31 seconds.

Sky HD+ 1TB box actually has 1.5TB drive

Sky's brand new one terabyte HD set top box has a secret hidden under the hood, with the company confirming that the Sky+HD 1TB box actually has a whopping 1.5TB of memory, with 400GB of that given over to Sky Anytime.

Jobs: Flash on iPad would give it 1.5 hour battery life

Steve Jobs has been speaking behind closed doors to select journalists and explaining some of his reasoning behind exactly why Apple has not added Flash compatibility to the iPad. While on a trip round the Wall Street Journal offices he offered sound bite after sound bite regarding Flash, noting that the battery performance would be significantly reduced to just 1.5 hours if Flash was on-board – down from the 10 hours he promised in his iPad keynote in January.

iPhone 4G set to finally offer video chatting

Those of you fed up with having to only talk to your pals via the iPhone could be in for a treat - video chatting could be on its way. The 3.2 SDK for the iPhone and iPad has revealed new icons and commands relating to video chatting, meaning that Apple is clearly having a think about adding the functionality to its systems.

Top five in-depth articles

5 reasons why 3D gaming will totally suck...

The PC has been quietly at it for years, but it wasn't until Sony's recent reveal that it'll be building stereoscopic 3D support into the PlayStation 3 with an upcoming firmware update that the world really started squealing "ooh! Ooh! We want that!" It's a delightful idea – but given how divisive 3D cinema has proven to be, is all this techno-kerfuffle really worth it? Here's the case for the defence, and for the prosecution….

Gran turismo

Complete guide to choosing a PC processor

Wouldn't it be great if money didn't matter? In that altogether salubrious scenario, picking a PC processor would be quick and painless. After all, Intel makes undeniably the best money-no-object chip known to man.

20 best iPad games we want to see ported from the iPhone

With the iPad's aforementioned larger screen, and the manner in which it's held and interacted with being very different to using an iPhone, the best games won't necessarily be those topping the App Store charts today. Taking into account the quality of existing titles and the technical and practical benefits and limitations of the iPad, here are TechRadar's top 20 iPad games we want to see.

10 quick and easy ways to boost your Wi-Fi

It might have taken the best part of a decade to ratify but the 802.11n wireless standard was worth the wait. But that's not to say we all get a perfect wireless experience even with the immense cleverness of MIMO. So no matter if you're running a wireless network new or old here are our top tips for tweaking more out of your signal.

Did the iPod kill music?

"The iPod has f***ed all of this, in a way. The decade we've just left will never be forgotten." So says Simon Drake, 24-year-old owner/producer of indie record company Naim Label, who is trying to explain to TechRadar what the last 10 years have done to the music business - a time in which music has seemingly been commoditised, debased and devalued by everything from the X-Factor to CD giveaways, digital downloads and ringtones.

Top five reviews

Samsung 40C7000

As the UK's first 3D TV this set has a lot to live up to. Luckily, it's a brilliant all-rounder even without the 3D features. It's also beautifully light and slim, and has a fancy remote control handset which will look good on your coffee table.

Samsung 40c7000

Canon IXUS 105 IS

No argument: the Ixus 105 is a great camera. It's capable of taking excellent pictures, but its price at release - £190 - strikes us as a little high. For just a little more you can bag the IXUS 120 which can shoot 720p video.

Olympus PEN E-P2

The new E-P2 is, in many ways, a simple update to the original E-P1. But the new black and silver affair is 10 times closer to allowing you to be a serious photographer, and less like a tourist, than the original.

Panasonic TX-P42X10

We believe the Panasonic TX-P42X10 is the cheapest 42in plasma TV ever, which means that if it can retain the technology's normal advantage over LCD, it could be a budget classic.

Panasonic tx p42x10

Icecrypt S4000

Not so long ago the idea of a fully fledged twin-tuner, hi-def PVR with a sub-£500 price tag would have been wishful thinking. Today it's a reality, courtesy of the S4000 from Turbosat's housebrand Icecrypt


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