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Apple iPad

The biggest story this week was the announcement of the Apple iPad, and TechRadar got hands on with the device to see whether it lived up to the hype.

Carphone Warehouse hinted at an iPad UK release date, while Asus detailed its own tablet challenger.

Popular in-depth articles included Top 10 best free iPhone apps, 48 best free software downloads from Microsoft and our iPhone 4G rumour round-up.

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Top five news stories

Carphone Warehouse hints at iPad UK release date

Apple has announced it is striking data deals to offer 3G connectivity with its iPad, and we've spoken to UK networks about whether a similar plan will be in place. Orange, O2 and Vodafone have issued us all with a resounding 'No comment'. However, The Carphone Warehouse has issued a statement that seems to hint that it is planning to offer the iPad on our shores.

Average speed cameras coming for all motorways

Average speed cameras could be installed on all UK motorways if a government-backed group gets its way. The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) has stated that the cameras, currently only used for roadwork traffic management, would provide significant environmental benefits.

Get an iPad for free on the Apple App Store

So, Apple has finally announced its long-heralded tablet device and called it the iPad. But, wait a minute, there's already something called an iPad and it's already available on the Apple Store. The iPad app is freeware which allows you to turn your humble iPod into an iPad – essentially a notepad that allows you to write 1000 word notes and store them on your PMP.

Asus details Apple Tablet challenger, the Eee Pad

TechRadar recently caught up with Asus' Corporate Vice President, Eric Chen, in a wide-ranging interview in which the VP of the Taiwanese Eee PC computing giant told us more about his plans for an affordable, touchscreen, 3G-connected tablet computer – the Nvidia Tegra 2-powered Eee Pad.

Official: Sky 3D will launch in April

Sky will launch its dedicated 3D television channel, called simply Sky 3D, in April, with Sunday's Arsenal v Manchester United match being screened in 3D in selected pubs as a special preview to the service. The Arsenal / Manchester United clash will not only be a fitting introduction to 3D television, but also make Sky the first TV company anywhere to broadcast a live 3D TV sports event to a public audience.

Top five in-depth articles

10 things to know about the Apple iPad

The world has been waiting impatiently for the day when Apple would finally spill all the details on its tablet – and it has finally arrived: the iPad. But is it all hype and no substance, or has Apple managed to once again release a game changing device onto the world? We give you all the information you need on Apple's latest toy.

Top 10 best free iPhone apps

There are now well over 100,000 apps available for iPhone and iPod touch, and, surprisingly, many of the best are free. The following list showcases our ten favourites, and includes iPhone applications for social networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and more.

48 best free software downloads from Microsoft

When it comes to free software, those free-loving, free-wheeling open sourcers have an unlikely challenger: Microsoft. Yes, you heard us right, Microsoft: the ice to Fedora's fire; the night to Ubuntu's day. But as unlikely as it may seem, Redmond actually has a thriving – though largely unsung – library of free applications available to download. And we're not just talking about freeware cobbled together in bedrooms by people who don't get out much.

iPhone 4G rumour round-up

We know the iPhone's on an annual upgrade cycle, so a new one is due by the summer - and that means it could be announced as early as next week. Despite Apple's best efforts details of the next iPhone are beginning to leak, but what's coming and what's just wishful thinking? Let's find out.

10 ways to make iPhone OS 4.0 damn near perfect

The iPhone OS has some idiosyncrasies that make us mad, some omissions that make us angry and in Notes, a typeface that makes us feel physically ill. We've come up with 10 ways that Apple could make iPhone OS 4.0 damn near perfect.

Top five reviews

Hands on: Apple iPad review

Apple provided us with hands-on time with its new iPad after Wednesday's big announcement, letting dozens of greasy-fingered journalists poke, swipe, and drool over the svelte hardware and the first-party built-in applications. And while some of the software was a tad underwhelming in its prerelease state, playing with the iPad quickly revealed its potential for greatness. We simply can't wait to see what developers make for this thing.

Hands on: Firefox 3.6 review

One of the most important changes Firefox 3.6 brings is improved support for HTML5, the next generation of the language in which the web is written. That enables two particularly eye-catching things: the ability to watch streaming video without installing a plug-in, and support for the HTML5 File API, which means developers can use dragging and dropping between browser and desktop.

Google Nexus One review

In an attempt to show itself as a mobile manufacturer in its own right, Google has released the Nexus One, a handset built by HTC but branded solely as a Google phone. Despite some well-publicised problems with customer support and keypad malfunctions - neither of which became an issue during our testing process - the Nexus One is actually a stellar smartphone, easily the match of its peers.

LG Intouch Max GW620 review

The first Android handset from the Korean firm, the LG Intouch Max GW620, has taken a different direction to its competitors - there are very few Android phones that have aimed at the lower end of the handset spectrum, and it's interesting that the Korean firm has chosen this tack.

LG Pop GD510 review

Aimed at mobile buyers after some touch control action on a budget, the LG POP GD510 is the smallest, lightest and one of the cheapest 3-inch touchscreen phones around. The LG POP GD510 doesn't try to be a do-everything smartphone. The POP is instead pitched at delivering a fun package, with a friendly user experience and the sort of features its target audience are after.


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