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This week saw Google unveil it's 2009 search trends, as well as Sky reveal more of its plans for a Sky+HD video on demand service. We also broke the story that Facebook believes more people use FarmVille on the site than use Twitter at all.

We revealed looked at the best Apple rejections from submissions to its App Store and compiled our lists of the finest graphics cards and mobile phones on the planet.

In reviews, the Palm Pixi proved popular as did the world's fastest graphics card, the ATI Radeon HD 5970.

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Top five news stories

Google announces UK's 2009 search trends

Google has announced the biggest trends in UK search for the year, with celebrities, and swine flu joined by Facebook, Ebay and Spotify in the British search zeitgeist.

Facebook: FarmVille is bigger than Twitter

Speaking to journalists at the UK headquarters, with TechRadar in attendance, Facebook revealed just how many people log on each day and the stats are pretty mind-blowing. The company also noted that one of its apps, 'Farmville', is more popular than its major rival in the social-networking world – Twitter.

UK pub fined £8k for drinker's Wi-Fi download

In a UK case that highlights the mess the law is currently in when it comes to illegal downloads of copyright material, a pub owner has been hit with an £8,000 fine for the actions of a user on the pub's Wi-Fi hotspot.

Sky+HD VOD still on course for 2010

With Freesat shouting from the hilltops about its forthcoming BBC iPlayer video on demand service and next year's ITV Player coming to the platform, Sky has reiterated its commitment to bringing broadband VOD to Sky+HD next year.

iPhone 3.1 being spotted out and about already?

We might not be in 2010 yet, but as we're learning all too painfully, that doesn't stop the 'what the next iPhone will be' rumours, and we've now been treated to the latest. Macrumors is reporting that the iPhone 3.1 has begun appearing in usage logs, according to app developer Pandav.


Top five features

20 classic Apple App Store rejections

There's no denying the App Store's success. With over 100,000 apps (some of which are actually rather good), there's plenty of choice, and the store's easy to use. However, Apple's gatekeeper approach, requiring all apps - and even updates to approved apps - to be reviewed manually, can cause headaches.

Top 10 best graphics cards in the world today

Three years ago today, AMD was just about wrapping up the purchase of Canadian graphics company ATI in a deal worth around £2.9bn. At the time, ATI graphics cards were lagging badly behind the Nvidia GeForces of the time, and things didn't look like changing much - what a difference three years makes.

10 best mobile phones in the world today

Here we introduce our 10 favourite mobile phones of the current crop, in reverse order, ending with what we consider to be the best mobile phone available today...

Cheating in games: the good, the bad, and the entirely necessary

Cheating can, of course, be a good thing. We've all entered cheat codes into games to unlock special modes, to obtain weapons, to give ourselves infinite ammo, or extra lives.

How to make your old PC perform like new again

Your PC is just as useful now as it was when you first purchased it and with a few handy tips and tricks, you can keep it that way for a long time – saving yourself some money in the process.

Why it's the end for public Wi-Fi

We're not exaggerating. Public Wi-Fi is already under threat - the prospect of open Wi-Fi operators being sued silly by cash-happy legal firms isn't hard to envisage.

Wi Fi

Top five reviews

Palm Pixi

Brilliance develops over time. With the Palm Pixi, it took only five months. Palm has not yet given official word on whether the Pixi will eventually launch in the UK, but it's only a matter of time. Early 2010 is the timeline we're looking at right now.

ATI Radeon HD 5970

It's faster than any graphics card we've ever tested, it's bigger than any graphics card we've ever tested and it houses more technology than you could shake Stephen Hawking at. So why then are we feeling so utterly underwhelmed?

Samsung Omnia Lite B7300

The Omnia Lite B7300 has much more gadgetry under the bonnet than its name might suggest.

LaCie Starck 1TB Hard Drive

External hard drives can be a mundane product, but this collaboration between peripherals manufacturer LaCie and world-famous industrial designer Philippe Starck seeks to buck the trend, with a device that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Cambridge Audio iD50

Apart from iPod-enabled products including the One and Sonata mini-systems, Cambridge makes two iPod docks, the utterly basic iD10 and the present candidate, the iD50.

Cambridge audio id50

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