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Chrome OS

This week saw us outline Microsoft's plans for Windows 8 in 2012, while we also covered Tesco Mobile's surprise announcement that it will be stocking the iPhone soon. There was also the news that IBM cancelled its update to the PS3's Cell processor.

In our feature stories, we covered the best free Windows Mobile apps, fixed your Windows 7 niggles and issues and told you how to make an old PC work like new.

We also reviewed the new Palm Pixi and Samsung Omnia 2 smartphones as well as Sky Player on the Xbox 360 plus took a first-look at Google's new operating system, Chrome OS.

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Top five news stories

Microsoft plans for Windows 8 in 2012

If you're just getting used to Windows 7, then it may be time to pull out the diary and pencil in a date in 2012 for the upgrade to its successor, unsurprisingly codenamed Windows 8.

IBM to kill off 'PS3' Cell processor?

IBM has cancelled plans to release an update to the Cell processor chip, which was meant to pack two PowerPC processors and 32 Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs).

Apple won't repair Macs if owners are smokers

Reports from the US suggested that Apple was refusing to repair computers that show signs of cigarette smoke. Apple apparently claimed evidence of cigarette smoke inside the machines in question constituted a "biohazzard".

Confirmed: Tesco Mobile gets iPhone

Tesco is set to get the iPhone for Christmas 2009, with Apple's smartphone being made available on both PAYG and contract deals by the high street supermarket giant.

Man arrested for failing to tweet

A music executive was arrested in Canada for failing to Tweet, after the police asked him to help disperse a crowd assembled to greet a teenage pop singer.


Top five in-depth articles

Top 12 Christmas gifts for PS3 owners

While many of the PS3's accessories are essentially the same as the Xbox 360s, its really rather splendid media player/Blu-ray abilities means it attracts an additional crowd of add-on devices designed to make the best of this. See if any of these 12 wondrous PS3 gadgets take your fancy...

15 best free Windows Mobile apps

Windows Mobile was the original smartphone OS and it inherited years of applications from the Pocket PC. The best navigation app from the iPhone? It's been on Windows Mobile for years. We run down the best free apps you can get.

10 annoying Windows 7 problems solved

We're back on the Windows 7 troubleshooting trail, with answers to ten further bugs, quirks and irritations with Microsoft's latest operating system.

How to make your old PC perform like new again

Your PC is just as useful now as it was when you first purchased it. And with a few handy tips and tricks, you can keep it that way for a long time – saving yourself some money in the process.

10 things to know about Google Chrome OS

Google has shown off its Chrome OS operating system for the first time, with the internet giant 'open sourcing' the code for its latest venture, and billing it as the ideal OS for a complimentary device rather than a main computer.

Chome os

Top five reviews

Hands on: Google Chrome OS review

After the wow factor of the initial Chrome OS announcement we've taken a closer look at just what Google announced and have the OS up and running. So what's it like?

BlackBerry Bold 9700 review

RIM has updated its flagship with a sleeker and more powerful model – the Bold 2 9700. Featuring an improved processor and UI, can it stop the iPhone and Android onslaught?

Sky Player on Xbox 360 review

All hail the Sky Player for Xbox. As well as being a video-on-demand system online, Sky Player has been streaming live channels for over a year to PC users. Sky Player for Xbox tries to replicate that experience on a games console.

Palm Pixi review

Brilliance develops over time. With the Palm Pixi, it took only five months. Palm has not yet given official word on whether the Pixi will eventually launch in the UK, but it's only a matter of time.

Samsung Omnia 2 review

With the Apple iPhone currently king of all it surveys, there's a fascinating scrap going on further down the table of smartphones. Apparently convinced that the touchscreen is the way of the future, the Omnia 2 carries on where the year-old original Omnia leaves off.

Omnia 2


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