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Sky on Xbox

This week saw Sky launch its service on Xbox – and then launch it again when the first attempt didn't go especially well, and phone speculation pointed at an imminent Orange iPhone launch and Google launching a branded mobile.

Our guide to Sky on Xbox proved popular as did our Windows 7 tips, while bargain hunters loved the selection of laptops for under £500.

In reviews, the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Samsung Genio Touch were two of the hot handsets, and Apple's Magic Mouse proved that mice don't have to be boring.

Top five news stories

Sky tries again with Xbox launch

After an aborted launch on Tuesday, Sky and Xbox are hoping that they can finally allow the public onto the eagerly anticipated Sky Player for Xbox 360 24 hours later.

Orange to launch iPhone in UK on 10 November

Orange looks set to release its version of Apple's iPhone 3GS from 10 November, according to industry sources.

Nokia N900 UK release pushed back to November?

The Nokia N900, which many of use were hoping to be released in October, seems to have been pushed back to November. The news came from Peter Schneider, head of Maemo marketing for Nokia, when pointing out that the phone had been well received by members of the developer community.

Nokia n900

Google to rival Apple with own mobile?

Analysts are predicting that Google is planning to create a branded mobile phone in the coming months. Ashok Kumar, an analyst from Northeast Securities in the US, says he has seen design plans between Google and HTC that show the search provider's new vision.

Tilera launches ultra-powerful 100-core processor

Semiconductor company Tilera is manufacturing a 100-core computer processor that offers four times the power of Intel's Nehalem-Ex, while using a third of the power. Tilera's new 100-core processor is set for a commercial release early in 2010, with the processor being based around 40-nanometer technology.

Top five in-depth articles

Sky on Xbox: All your questions answered

Sky Player on Xbox has arrived, and TechRadar has had plenty of time on the service, as well as speaking to the key people behind the streaming and VOD television service.

6 awesome laptops all for under £500

Tumbling prices have seen laptops becoming increasingly accessible, and this group test reveals just how much you can actually get for a relatively small amount of money these days. If you're in the market for a budget laptop, none of these machines will disappoint when it comes to performing regular home and office tasks, and they provide an almost unrivalled amount of choice at amazing prices.

10 brilliant iPhone apps for commuters

Commuting is undoubtedly the most frustrating aspect of working life for many people. Getting stuck in traffic jams or hit by delays to trains can be a major headache, but these things are avoidable if you have access to the right information.

iPhone apps

62 Windows 7 tips, tricks and secrets

To celebrate the launch of Windows 7, we've updated our Windows 7 tips with a bunch of new ones. Here are 62 ways in which Windows 7 will make a real difference to your PC.

How to create your best website layouts ever

Ah, the blank canvas: probably my favourite part of the design process. What I love about it is the multitude of opportunities it represents: free rein to create without being encumbered by any of the restrictions that come into play further down the line. Anything can happen!

Top five reviews

BlackBerry Storm 2 review

RIM has rebooted its touchscreen range with the Storm 2 9520, featuring re-tooled clickable touchscreen technology and new, intuitive text input options. It's still going to be seen as RIM's attempt to rival the likes of the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and HTC Hero, but are the updates on the Storm 2 enough to fix the issues that were so widely condemned on the original Storm?

Samsung Genio Touch review

Pull the Samsung Genio touch out of its packaging and you could be forgiven for mistaking it, at first glance, for the Palm Pre. The gentle curves, the 2.8-inch touchscreen and the rounded button in the middle of the face are all heavily reminiscent of Palm's new baby.

HTC Tattoo review

Alongside the T-Mobile Pulse, the Tattoo is all about catering for the more budget-conscious phone user who wants to utilise Android, but not pay over the odds for the privilege. We're not talking about masses of money saved – a tenner a month off a contract here, a £100 off a handset there – but the arrival of the OS on the HTC Tattoo does point to a bright future for mid-range devices sporting Android.

HTC tattoo

T-Mobile Pulse review

With the Android smartphone platform gaining momentum as the number of handsets available expands, T-Mobile has introduced its own-brand low-cost touchscreen alternative – the T-Mobile Pulse.

Apple Magic Mouse review

Let's be clear about this from the start - Apple does not have a good track record with mice. Fast forward to 2009 and Apple has re-invented the whole concept of mice (again) with the Magic Mouse.

Magic mouse

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