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Dyson Air Multiplier

This week saw James Dyson launch a new bladeless fan while Sky confirmed the launch date for Sky Player for Xbox 360. And we received our Windows 7 Party Pack at TechRadar - go, us!

Popular in-depth articles looked at Project Natal, MobileMe, Google Wave and Google's design philosophy.

Our hot reviews this week included the Palm Pre which has just launched in the UK, Windows 7 – which is gearing up to launch on 22 October – and LG's lovely 42SL9000 LCD TV.

Top five news stories

Dyson takes blades off fans with Air Multiplier

Dyson has done it again – it's looked at the humble fan and decided it would work a lot better without those pesky blades.

Vodafone to launch BlackBerry Storm 2 this week

Vodafone will be stocking the new BlackBerry Storm 2 from RIM later this week, with a fairly modest contract too, according to reports.

Large Hadron Collider sabotaged by time travel?

An interesting theory has been revealed which may point to the reasons so much is going wrong with the Large Hadron Collider, and it revolves around time travel.

Windows 7 Party Pack: the UK unboxing

Our Party Pack has arrived from Microsoft ahead of our big Windows 7 party - but what goodies will we get to make sure we fully explain an OS through the medium of a shindig?

Windows 7 party pack

Sky Player for Xbox 360 confirmed for 27 Oct

Sky has announced to TechRadar it will be bringing its on demand Sky Player to the Xbox platform on 27 October.

Top five in-depth articles

Xbox Project Natal: 10 things you need to know

TechRadar can't remember a new gaming technology that truly captured the imagination of gamers since Nintendo unveiled touch-control with DS back at E3 2004 and motion-control with Wii a year later in 2005. So read on – you'll learn the 10 essential things you need to know about Microsoft's game-changing Project Natal.

What makes MobileMe worth £59 a year?

MobileMe is now fixed and does all the things it was supposed to – syncing your email, contacts and calendars between devices; hosting websites; storing and transferring files, and creating online photo galleries – without falling over. But are those things enough to justify the asking price of £59 a year? Let's take a closer look at what you get for your cash.

How to run a one-person web design agency

We're lucky enough to work in an industry where resources are seemingly endless. Books, magazines and online articles are readily available to offer hints, tips and advice about working with the web and all that comes with it. So let's look at how a one-man-band achieves a great working life.

The secrets of Google's design team

"One of the ways in which we achieve this fast feel is to have a very minimalist look. Also, Google focuses on aggregating the data and presenting it to the users, so we don't want it to feel editorialised. We want it to feel machine driven, so people understand that it's not like we're presenting results with a certain point of view," says Irene Au, Director of User Experience at Google.

Irene au

A week using Google Wave: the early verdict

We've spent seven days using Google's new great hope for online communication – Google Wave. But even after a couple of days attempting to use it, one question was prominent in our mind – what exactly is Google Wave for?

Top five reviews

Sony Ericsson Satio review

Sony Ericsson has finally launched the Satio, the phone it showed off back in February under the guise of Idou, packing the best of all its brands into one phone. But can the sheer range of gadgetry and a new OS be enough to lure customers back to the brand?

Sony ericsson satio

Windows 7 review

Can Windows 7 woo XP users, entice Vista users, compete with OS X Snow Leopard and stave off the attack of Android and Chrome OS at the low end? Is it a Windows you'll actually want to use?

Palm Pre review

While the Palm Pre is certainly one of the best smartphones available – the question everyone wants to answer is: can it kill the iPhone?

LG 42SL9000 42-inch LCD TV review

LG's 42SL9000 42-inch LCD TV might well come to be remembered as one of the sets that put LED backlighting firmly on the map. This chic 42-inch set is decked out in an elegant 'frameless' design and comes with the sort of spec sheet that should have home movie fans instinctively reaching for their wallets.

Asus M51a review

The M51A is a budget laptop, offering one of the best specifications we have seen for the price.

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