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Palm Pre

This week, TechRadar brought you news of Microsoft's free security suite, full Flash arriving on mobiles and how O2 is planning on treating customers who want to unlock their out-of-contract iPhones.

We also gave you a full list of must-bookmark websites and told how you can turn a spare machine into a media server.

There were reviews with Palm's new Pre smartphone arriving soon on O2 as well as the Sony PSP Go. See below for more details.

Top five news stories

O2 reconsidering locked iPhone stance

O2 has announced it is looking into its current lock-in contract for the iPhone, after the news that that the telco is no longer the exclusive mobile operator for Apple's handset. But will O2 agree to unlock iPhones for use with other networks?

Microsoft Security Essentials: The big questions

In interviews with Microsoft's UK Head of Security and Privacy Cliff Evans, Windows Client Product Manager Julia Owen and, from PC security company Kaspersky, David Emm, TechRadar found out exactly what the industry believes Microsoft Security Essentials will do for security on PCs.

Palm re-enables iTunes sync on Pre with webOS 1.2.1

Palm has issued a new update to its webOS platform that re-enables direct synchronisation to iTunes. Despite being blocked from doing so on numerous occasions by iTunes updates, Palm keeps issuing fixes.

Steve Jobs doesn't know what the iPhone can do, says Adobe

Adobe has brought Flash to the iPhone, at least for standalone apps, without any help from Apple – after Steve Jobs famously declared last spring that Flash ran too slowly to be usable on the iPhone.

In pictures: Microsoft's Mouse 2.0 concepts

Microsoft has shown off its concepts for Mouse 2.0 – and how it could bring the humble pointing device up to date with multi-touch technology.

Microsoft mouse 2 0

Top five features

95 websites you should totally bookmark today

Our experts have put their thinking caps on and come up with a list of their favourite sites. So, do yourself a favour: forget Google for a while and put your trust in us.

10 worst ways to spend your time in a game

Outside of games there's this thing called work. It is perhaps a sad reflection on the progress of games towards simulating reality that this drudgery is no longer confined to our working hours. Here are some of the worst offenders for when games just forget to be fun.

Google says Mac users are douchebags and Ballmer is an idiot

It turns out that Google Suggest, the little pop-up box of search suggestions, holds the answers to some of the burniest burning questions of our age.

How to turn a spare Linux machine into a media server

Linux is brilliant at serving files for business. But it's just as good at serving files from a computer tucked away under the stairs or stuck in the loft.

CES 2010: New Year gear to get you excited

January's CES will set the mood for the year ahead, which we hope will be one of 3D TVs, Tablet PCs and ebook readers, OLED displays, Wireless HD and devices packing the new USB 3.0 connection.

CES 2010

Top five reviews

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre is one of the most hotly anticipated mobile phones of 2009. Hailed as the first phone to have a chance of stealing the limelight from the Apple iPhone, it's gearing up to make its debut on UK shores.

LG 42SL9000

LG's 42-inch LCD TV might well come to be remembered as one of the sets that put LED backlighting firmly on the map. It's a gorgeous-looking television, with stunning picture quality.

HTC Touch2

As a Windows Phone, the HTC Touch2 is among the first batch of mobile phones to launch with Windows Mobile 6.5 included as standard. It's a pretty decent effort too, although it's aimed more at business users.

Motorola Dext MB200

Motorola has been silent for a long time, but it has finally brought out the Dext – the first phone in years that can be spoken of in the same breath as the Palm Pre and HTC Hero.

Sony PSP Go

The Go is the latest version of the Sony PSP handheld gaming console. The controls now slide out from under the screen, so it's a lot smaller than previous versions – and it's a lot more fun too.

Sony psp go

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