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Google Wave

This week saw Microsoft launch its free anti-virus app Security Essentials, while O2 lost its iPhone exclusivity.

In our in-depth articles we looked at the bits of tech we take for granted that we won't be using in a decade, we asked whether Apple has lost the plot, and as Google started sending out invites to Google Wave, we explained what on earth this new service is.

The Samsung Galaxy i7500 review proved popular as did reviews for the ATI Radeon HD 5870, the Creative Zen X-Fi 2, the Sony Vaio VGN-NW11Z/S and the Samsung LE46B750 46" LCD TV.

Top five news stories

Special edition white PS3, huge global sales

Sony used the recent Tokyo Game Show to announce a Japan-only PlayStation 3 special edition in a white case with a Final Fantasy XIII theme.

The illustrated PS3 and the new game will arrive as a bundle in Japan on 17 December for ¥41,600 (£288), a figure that's sure to be inflated many times over when the consoles hit eBay's grey market.

Orange iPhone to launch 'sooner than some think'

"The launch date will absolutely be in 2009 and sooner than some people think. It's not going to be Christmas day as some people are saying, we're referring to it as later this year for when [the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS] will be in the shops," says Orange.


Sony claims PSP Go is better than the iPhone

While she admits that Apple's iPhone has opened up the casual "social gaming on the go market" Sony's Claire Backhouse, Product Manager for PSP in the UK, thinks that "PSP Go is... even better than an iPhone" when you consider the range of gaming and entertainment services on offer.

Microsoft's free anti-virus software arrives

Microsoft has officially announced the arrival of its eagerly awaited free anti-virus software, Microsoft Security Essentials. The software giant is keen to ensure that computers are better protected worldwide, and its solution is to release a free application that will be available for everyone.

Microsoft security essentials

Orange iPhone deal: O2 responds

O2 has responded to the news that Orange will be stocking the iPhone by confirming it will continue to stock the device.

Top five in-depth articles

8 bits of everyday tech we won't use in a decade

Who'd have thought a decade ago that portable music wouldn't mean a cassette Walkman or Discman? Or that the VCR would be all but obsolete? That nobody would use fax (or even dial-up modems) any more? Or CRT?

Wi Fi

Has Apple lost the plot?

2009 has been one of the trickiest years in Apple's recent history - lawsuits to the left and right, Steve Jobs' enforced hiatus and rumbling of discontent over the App Store and much, much more. We're going to put forward the evidence for the prosecution and defence in TechRadar's kangaroo court.

10 ways Google's made Android more awesome

The latest version of Android (1.6 or Donut) has debuted for developers, and while Google isn't calling it a major change, it does bring a good few difference to make the OS a lot more compelling. So here we run down the 10 reasons Android 1.6 is going to make your Hero/Galaxy/Magic even better in the coming months.

8 awesome augmented reality apps for iPhone

Augmented reality on the iPhone is really taking off. A load of apps have already surfaced on Apple's App Store, while many more are in the pipeline.

Google Wave: what you need to know

Wave is designed to be a ground-up reinvention of the way we communicate and collaborate. Think instant messaging, but with the open platform potential for plugging in Twitter and other methods of communication, too.

Google wave

Top five reviews

Samsung Galaxy i7500

Samsung's new i7500 Galaxy makes it the first manufacturer after HTC to enter the Android game, and it does so with a fairly feature-rich phone. Exclusive to O2 in the UK, the Galaxy is a sleek proposition, but is it enough to consider the Koreans firmly in the Android game?

Samsung galaxy

ATI Radeon HD 5870

The ATI Radeon HD 5870, AMD's new premium pixel pumper, is truly a piece of work. It's not just the fastest graphics card ever, fully capable of grinding Nvidia's mighty Geforce GTX 285 into a powdery pulp. It's quite simply the most powerful computer chip we've seen of any kind, thanks to getting on for three teraflops of raw processing power.

Sony Vaio VGN-NW11Z/S

The VAIO laptop looks the part, but where's the innovation? It seems Apple has stolen Sony's thunder, with its iPods usurping Sony's Walkman, and its MacBooks replacing the VAIOs.

Sony vaio vgn nw11zs

Creative Zen X-Fi 2

The big difference with the Zen X-Fi 2 is that it does away with the fiddly buttons of previous Zen models in favour of a resistive touchscreen interface. Battery life has also been improved due to the inclusion of a bigger cell - over 24 hours of music playback is now possible, with five hours of video.

Samsung LE46B750 46" LCD TV

This elegant 46-inch LCD TV giant is one of Samsung's most lusciously designed TVs and its best LCD performer yet. The LE46B750's glass screen surround is coupled with the stand's central, vitreous pole to create a sophisticated and unique look.

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