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Windows 7

This week, TechRadar brought you news of Windows 7 upgrade versions plus complete coverage of the PlayStation 3 Slim and the Nokia N900. There were also hands-on reviews with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard as well as Microsoft's much-anticipated Project Natal. See below for more details.

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PS3 Slim torn apart, innards on display
While we will have to wait until we get our own PS3 Slim in for thorough testing to find out how it differs to its slightly larger older sibling, we can already say hello to the newly announced PS3 Slim. In bits.

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 upgrade versions for UK
Microsoft has formally confirmed that upgrade versions of Windows 7 will be available in Europe. As we previously mentioned in the TechRadar guide to upgrading to Windows 7, if you buy a full version before 1 September, you'll get it at the same price as the Upgrade version will be.

iPhone software sparks App Store legal action
The success of the iPhone App Store has clearly brought many benefits to Apple, but it now raises an interesting legal question as the company finds itself sued over the content of an application created by a third party.

Searching for Katie Price is bad for your PC
Katie Price, aka Jordan, has been called a lot of things over the years, but she has now also been labelled the UK's 'most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace'.

Sony PS3 Slim: first impressions
We got one! TechRadar is the first UK tech site to finally get a hands on of the new retail boxed version of Sony's latest PS3 Slim – set to arrive in UK stores next week on 1 September. Find out what we thought of it.

PS3 slim

Top five in-depth articles

18 cool things Windows 7 does that Vista doesn't
From Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista, the Windows operating system has taken many giant leaps. And while Vista received a lukewarm reception from some users, Windows 7 is likely to be remembered for addressing those criticisms.

Hands on: Snow Leopard review
Refinement rather than revolution is the watchword for Snow Leopard. We've got our mitts on a copy of the software, on sale today. Watch out for our full review, but in the meantime we'll tell you about a few of the features which caught our eye when we had a play.

12 add-ons every Firefox user must have
Firefox's extendibility is one of its great advantages, and there are 1000s of plug-ins to choose from. But having so much choice can be confusing, and it's often hard to tell which add-ons are worth installing and which are best left alone. Look no further.

Joke technologies that became reality
Crazy tech ideas have long been good comedy fodder. But what of the fiction that became fact? We've found 10 examples of joke technology that made it into the real world.

PS4 and Xbox 720: why we're in for a long wait
Tradition dictates there will at some point be an Xbox 720, or 1080, or whatever foolishness Microsoft's marketing department decides is a suitable name for the company's third games console. The same, theoretically, is true of a Playstation 4, though a little less pressingly so.

Xbox 360 elite

Top five reviews

Hands on: Microsoft Project Natal review
When Microsoft unveiled Project Natal, its non-physical game controller, at E3, it certainly caused astonishment, but there was an undercurrent of scepticism. But at the GamesCom show in Cologne, we managed to use the system, and all those doubts evaporated.

Sony Bravia KDL-46Z5500
Sony's KDL-46Z5500 Bravia LCD TV is exceptional. And brave. For starters, it doesn't have an LED backlight, which, for a two-grand telly, strikes us as rather courageous.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1
Once you remove the gaudy sticker it comes with on its breast plate, the DMC-ZX1 is a neat and stylish little number and no mistake. It's been designed with clean lines to suit its slender, silvery, light-weight nature and it fits in your hand(s) comfortably.

Alienware M17x
Alienware is renowned for its eyecatching, high-powered gaming computers, but there has been little change in design since its acquisition by Dell in 2006. The M17x aims to change this and is the most powerful and stylish gaming laptop we've seen so far.

Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch (2009)
This model is aimed directly at design professionals and it's hard to find a better blend of style and performance, although it is slightly lacking in features.

MacBook pro 17 inch

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