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Samsung Galaxy S review

The last seven days saw pictures of the HTC Vision appear, while T-Mobile joined the party a little late in announcing its iPhone 4 prices.

We also looked at new features and functionality in Windows 8, rounded up our favourite 20 iPhone 4 and iOS 4 tips and tricks and identified 15 gadgets that the smartphone killed.

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HTC Vision brings QWERTY keyboard to Android

Spy pictures of the HTC Vision have been released, showing off a high-end specc'd smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

While some were hoping the HTC Vision would be a Desire with a keyboard, design-wise, the Vision looks a touch uglier, with the 'Terminator eye' optical trackpad missing.

Will free sat nav apps kill off dedicated devices?

Dedicated sat nav manufacturers are increasingly under threat from free and low-cost mobile navigation apps, with developers of new app Skobbler announcing this week that it has been downloaded 72,000 times since launch in the UK last month.

T-Mobile iPhone 4 prices finally outed

T-Mobile has finally announced its iPhone 4 prices ahead of the forthcoming UK launch - and it's pretty pricey.

Amazon takes on Tesco with new UK grocery site

Amazon has launched a UK grocery web site, taking on the established supermarket giants such as Tesco, Wal-Mart's Asda, Waitrose's Ocado and Sainsbury's.

Apple responds to iTunes fraud, bans developer

Earlier this month a rogue iPhone developer had managed to hack into a number of users' iTunes accounts in order to increase sales and boost the chart positions of his book apps.

The developer has now been named, shamed and banned from the App Store by Apple for violating the Developer Program License Agreement.

Top five in-depth articles

20 iPhone 4 and iOS 4 tips and tricks

The iPhone 4's operating system represents a significant improvement on earlier versions of Apple's smartphone operating system. It's also got a new name - iOS - signifying the importance of the iPad alongside the iPhone.

We've delved right under the hood of the new iPhone to bring you 20 essential iOS4 and iPhone 4 tips.

15 gadgets the smartphone killed

The smartphone is the Jeffrey Dammer of the tech world. New models like the HTC EVO 4G, Apple iPhone 3G, Motorola Backflip, and the upcoming Nokia N8 have had a field day destroying other product categories.

When will the killing end? Only when they can project an HD movie it seems. Here are the products that have fallen (or will fall) at the hands of the smartphone.

iPhone 4 problems - five quick fixes

iPhone 4 problems have been reported, mainly relating to reception loss when the device is held in a certain way, and Apple has been forced to address the matter through a statement on its website and an upcoming software fix. Here we'll show you what you can do right now to solve any iPhone niggles you may have.

Windows 8: everything you need to know

What we know about Windows 8 is still incomplete and unofficial - garnered from job postings, rumours and the slides allegedly leaked by a software engineer at HP responsible for OEM relations (available through the Italian Windows Ette site).

The slides include plenty of marketing ideas rather than technical details, they show that Microsoft has its eye on what Apple is doing to make its operating systems so popular and they declare themselves a work in progress.

18 ways to do things Apple doesn't want you to do

Apple produces incredibly capable computers, but with a little tweaking, you can boost their functionality further still.

If you have a video format you wish you could play in QuickTime, sound files that are beyond iTunes or a peripheral that doesn't work under OS X, there might well be a means of getting around the problem.

Here we look at 18 interesting ways of taking control of your Apple device, giving it exciting new capabilities that aren't available out of the box.

Top five reviews

Samsung Galaxy S review

The Samsung Galaxy S is meant to be the Korean firm's big assault on the smartphone market - packing oodles of top end technology into a handset it thinks can take on the iPhone 4.

LG Cookie Fresh GS920 review

The LG Cookie Fresh updates the original Cookie, which we reviewed over a year ago. If you want a touchscreened handset and are strapped for cash, then it might entice at £129.99 (though as ever, shop around. We found it for £109 at

Nokia C3 review

Nokia's C3 is a companion to the recently launched, and well-received, C5 and a lookalike for the perennial favourite E72. But don't, for a single moment, labour under the illusion that it is a direct competitor for, or update of, the E72.

Mio Navman 575 review

Simpler, smarter navigation. That's the promise of Mio's latest range of Spirit sat-navs, represented here by the range-topping Mio Navman 575 (also known as the Mio Spirit 575).

TomTom Go 950 Live review

If TomTom sets the benchmark by which other sat navs are judged, then life for the competition has been even tougher since the Dutch company introduced its Go 950 Live flagship.

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