10 gadgets that are just too cute to live

200,000 years of human evolution and it's come to this

Teddy Speakers

200,000 years of human evolution and it's come to this

Gadgets: you love 'em.

But when your better half's eyes glaze over during another lecture from you about the virtues of Karmic Koala, this is what they're really thinking about.

1. Hello Kitty headphones

They're pink and gold and festooned with the iconic image of Hello Kitty – the cutesy superstar from Japan's megatoycorp Sanrio. The headphones work with virtually all kinds of music player and fold up so they can be hidden out of sight. Oh, and they're only $87 (£56) plus shipping from Japan Trend Shop.

Hello kitty headphones

2. Yoda In Your Pocket

Impress your friends it will. A talking Yoda this is. In your pocket it goes. No, sorry can't keep this up. Is there no end to Lucas's money-making chicanery? Yoda In Your Pocket is a green (geddit) keyring with six buttons, each of which is programmed with an immortal phrase from the Star Wars series. Buy or buy not. There is no think. Sorry. It's £8.99.

Talking yoda

3. Bowlingual Dog Voice Translator

Dogs are cleverer than cats. Cats are cleverer than us. Which means we need this translator to figure out what the heck they're going on about. The kit comprises two parts - a dog collar reader that clips on to your dog and a hand-held translator complete with paw shaped keys.

It works with up to 50 different dog breeds. But you need to speak Japanese. And have $243 (£156) burning a hole in your pocket.


4. Hannspree Zoo Series Photo Frame

Oh look, grandpa's head has been eaten by a polar bear. Yup this is a polar bear with an 8-inch photo frame in his belly - perfect for displaying family photos in glorious 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

You can even use it to watch MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video, and, of course, the frame has a built-in calendar / alarm clock. You can also choose from four different designs aside from the polar bear, including Elephant, Giraffe, Panda and Man-Eating Tiger (just kidding).

Zoo series

5. Speakal iPom

Audiophiles don't know what they're missing. The iPom speaker dock can not only do all kinds of remarkable things to the sound coming out of your iPod or iPhone, but has stereo speakers that stick out on flower-shaped stalks. Amazing. It also includes USB and SD card slots plus a 3.5mm headphones jack, adjustable bass and a 12W subwoofer. Hi-fi? Pah.


6. Teddy Speaker

Another amazing accessory for your MP3 player. Only this time it's teddy bear-shaped and made from patterned pink, blue and yellow material. With a speaker in each of his feet, this high tech bear comes with a 3.5mm headphones jack lead and requires 4 AA batteries, which is a bummer. But at least it only costs £14.99.

Teddy speaker

7. Penguin USB flash drives

Data storage. Two words that strike icy cold fear in anyone too dumb to back up their stuff. Or move it around. Luckily these Penguin USB flash drives have come to the rescue, offering up to 4GB of space for stuff like pictures of kittens and X-Factor MP3s. There are four different designs to choose from, although Santa penguin is only available in 2GB capacity. From £14.99.

Penguin flash drives

8. Solar Butterfly

Green technology is many things: planet saver, CO2 reducer, economy booster, but it's never been cute. Until now. Paint its wings and then stick the Solar Butterfly to a window and the magical power of the sun will cause it to flap its wings and turn your room rainbow-coloured.

Ideal for teenage girls. Or grown men with a teenage girl fixation. That didn't come out quite right, did it? £12.99 from the Gadget Shop.

Solar butterfly

9. Extraordinary earbuds

Groove on the move with these extraordinary earbuds, which are available in a bewildering array of cutesy designs: Ducks, Ladybirds, Cupcakes, Volume Knobs, Bling and, erm, Skulls and Flies.

What kind of girl likes skulls and flies? (That's not a joke. We'd really like to know.) The headphones work with any kind of MP3 player thanks to their 3.5mm headphone jack and have a 1.39 metre cable. Sound quality? At £9.99 a pair, who cares?


10. Wireless Choco Mouse

What are the two best things in the world. Pizza and Laydeez? Nope. Think chocolate and computers. So it's a good job some clever inventor has put the two together (not cheese and tomato girls, keep up) and invented the Wireless Choco Mouse - a computer mouse that looks like a bar of chocolate.

It wasn't that difficult to see where this was going, was it? As you'd expect the Wireless Choco Mouse has left, right and clicking scroll buttons and is Windows and Mac-compatible. Bet Steve Jobs has one, although we're a bit miffed that someone's already taken a bite out of ours.

Choco mouse


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