Facebook automatically scans posts for illegal activity

Facebook scans the posts and chat conversations of its users to check for criminal activity, a new report has revealed.

The social network uses automated software to seek out inappropriate language in an attempt to snare sexual predators, Reuters reports.

The article makes the example of a man in his 30s who arranged to meet a 13 year-old girl after middle school through Facebook chat.

The software automatically flagged up the post to Facebook employees who alerted the police, who apprehended the man and took his computer. He denies charges.

Speedy response

Law enforcement agents have praised Facebook for the speed of their response.

"There are companies out there that are doing a very good job, working within the confines of what they have available," said FBI agent Brooke Donahue.

"There are companies out there that are more concerned about profitability."

Via: Reuters