UK's digital switchover is complete, Ofcom confirms

Goodnight sweet analogue prince

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the future: the UK's digital switchover is now complete.

Northern Ireland was the last area to make the switch from analogue to digital television and when its analogue broadcast signal was turned off today, it ended over 70 years of digital-less broadcasting and eight years of switch-over action.

Everyone in the UK should now have access to digital terrestrial television like Freeview or Freesat.

Cee-you fax

Unfortunately it also means we've had to bid a fond farewell to unique Britishisms like Ceefax and fuzzy television reception when it's a bit drizzly and the wind is blowing at exactly 16.8 miles per hour in a north-westerly direction.

However! It's not all doom and hipster gloom; the spectrum freed-up by the switchover is to be put to good use delivering 4G mobile networks.

Ofcom is all set to auction this spare spectrum off at the end of 2012, in a controversial auction that has Vodafone, O2, Three and EE in a bit of a tizz and should already have taken place earlier this year.


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