Would you give up sex for a 50-inch TV?

Half of all men would - are they mad?

In possibly the most useful and worthwhile survey of all time, UK retailer Comet has revealed that 47 per cent of British men would give up nooky for six months if it got them a 50-inch plasma TV. They’re joined by 35 per cent of women who said the same thing.

The survey also revealed that 24 per cent of people said they’d give up smoking for a 50-inch TV, and 25 per cent claimed they’d renounce their faith in chocolate for one. Yeah, sure they would.

Disturbing facts

The most worrying statistic is that 17 per cent of blokes said they’d willingly give up watching football in order to get their hands on the big TV. Quite what that would leave them to watch on the thing is anyone's guess.

“We are surprised to see just how much the nation would be willing to give up for a 50-inch plasma TV," said Bob Darke, Comet's commercial director.

"But we have seen a massive 7,000 per cent uplift in sales of 50-inch TVs in the last two years. With more and more people aspiring to celebrity lifestyles, having an impressive entertainment system is becoming top-of-the-list for homeowners.”

Meanwhile, 76.2 per cent of TechRadar staff say they'd give up work for six months for a packet of fruit pastilles.

What would you give up for a 50-inch plasma tv?


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