12 best 4K TVs in the world today (and 5 coming tomorrow)

Future-proof your home with an Ultra HD TV

If you ever get a chance to go to CES, don't turn it down. You'll find the future of every technology within its halls and you'll get to see things far ahead of everyone else. As you'd expect, we were on the show floor and managed to take a peek at the amazing, HDR-ready panels coming down the road in 2015.

The tellies that follow come from very different design aesthetics and manufacturing processes, but all pack a premium 4K resolution. You'll find everything from Quantum Dot to OLED and LCD to whatever-the-heck SUHD is in the 2015 roster. The only thing you can be sure of? Price. These are going to be expensive when they hit store shelves.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the five coolest TVs coming in 2015.

Best 4K TVs

LG 77EG9900 4K Flexible OLED TV

Quantum Dot may make for more saturated picture, but nothing beats OLED

When we first heard about OLED at CES 2014, we were skeptical. Sure, the ability for each light-emitting diode (LED) to turn on and off on their own sounded pretty cool, but it also sounded too expensive for the average consumer. CES 2015 proved to us that OK, it is going to be expensive, but people are willing to pay a premium for what was almost definitely the picture we've ever seen. Special on the EG9900 is the ability to change between curved and flat at the press of a button.

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Best 4K TVs

LG 65-inch UF9400 4K Quantum Dot TV

Not quite OLED, but one of LG's "better" options

If there were two buzz words at this year's show that the home entertainment crowd couldn't get enough of, they were Quantum Dot. TV manufacturers who we'd never expect to be into the hi-res game came out with their own take on the technology, boasting a 30% increase in the color spectrum over regular UHD screens. This 30% boost comes from a thin layer of nano-crystal elements 2-10nm in length packed in between the backlight and LCD panel. We noticed a fair bit of oversaturation occurring in LG's UF9400 model, but were told that it could be fixed before it launches in Q2.

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Best 4K TVs

Sharp Aquos Beyond-4K Ultra-HD TV

The first of the 4K upscalers has arrived

The world isn't ready for 8K TVs. There, I said it. What it might be ready for, though, is Beyond-4K from Sharp that takes a standard 4K signal and displays it on a Quattron+ panel that uses a fourth sub-pixel (yellow) to create even more intricate colors. But all this techno-wizardry depends on a 4K signal, which can be kind of hard to come by. Sharp is banking on more services to offer 4K in 2015 and so long as they follow through, we could see a return of Sharp's dominance in the TV landscape.

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Best 4K TVs

Samsung SUHD Curved TV

Move over Galaxy Note 3, SUHD is Samsung's next big thing

The first question I always get when talking about the SUHD from Samsung is "what does the 'S' stand for? Super? Slim? Super Ultra High Definition sounds ridiculous." Yep. It does. But the S is the seal of approval Samsung puts on all its flagship products, from the Galaxy Tab S to the Galaxy S5 Mini. It's Samsung's way of saying "hey, look at this! It's cool and new and we totally built it with you in mind." What makes the Samsung SUHD so special in the home entertainment world is its evolution of Quantum Dot technology into a proprietary panel that not only gives improved color, but contrast as well.

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Best 4K TVs

Sony XBR-X900C Series 4K TV

Sony's slimmest TV ever. Period.

It's hard to imagine a .2-inch thick display until you actually see it first-hand. To try and paint a visual picture, imagine the depth of a Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. Now shave off a few tenths of an inch. What you're left with is the thinnest point on the XBR-X900C, the flagship 4K UHD screen coming from Sony in 2015. It's not only the slimmest TV Sony's ever released but it'll be the first in Sony's line-up to pack Android TV. The X900C series is one of four 4K series Sony plans to put out in 2015, leaving only one series in the dust at regular ol' 1080p. It'll come in 55, 65 and a 75-inch versions, the latter of which is dubbed the XBR-X910C.

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