Sky Go and Now TV announced for PlayStation

PS4 and PS3 to get Sky's streaming services this year

Sky has announced that Sky Go and Now TV will be available through Sony's most recent PlayStation consoles, after sealing an agreement with Sony.

The streaming services - Sky Go for existing subscribers and Now TV representing pay to play - will be available this year on the next-gen Sony PS4 console and its predecessor the PS3 .

Now TV will be the first to land with Sky announcing a fairly non-specific arrival date of 'the summer' which is at least more solid than Sky Go ("later this year").


The deal is a significant one for both players - Sony will be mindful of the noises that rival Microsoft is making over its Xbox television service, whilst Sky's move to broaden out to offer content to people who do not necessarily want monthly subscriptions and/or satellite dishes has been ongoing with Now TV.

The Sky Go app will be welcomed by many households - essentially providing a second sky box that is not tied to a satellite feed.

We look forward to seeing the service when it arrives at some time soon-ish.


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