LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer Samsung TV apps get UK release

More media through your TV

Samsung had its European launch of its new TV range in Vienna this week, and TechRadar was on-hand to see the company unveil some new apps for the range - LoveFilm store for TVs and BBC iPlayer app.

The LoveFilm app will allow users to check out LoveFilm's online library, purchase a movie to rent and stream that movie.

There's also some nifty convergence with LoveFilm's plain-old disc rental service, in that you can view your existing account without having to log into a computer and add DVDs or Blu-rays to the list to be delivered to your door.

UK release date

While Samsung was coy about UK pricing – we are guessing it is on a par with LoveFilm's current online service – the company did announce a European and UK release date , which is April.

Samsung is very much into applications at the moment and recently announced that its app store is open to third-party manufacturers to use – unlike the proprietary nonsense Apple and the like seem happy to maintain at the moment.

Another TV app announced for the UK was for the BBC iPlayer. There was no news as to how the iPlayer app will look on a TV screen, but we reckon it will look like the PS3 version of the iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer app for Samsung's new range of web-connected TVs also has an April UK release date.


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