Mitsubishi shows off 155-inch OLED TV

Could probably eat Sony's 11-inch XEL-1

Mitsubishi has shown off a new Diamond Vision OLED TV at CEATEC – and it's a whopper at 155 inches.

The company is touting it for outdoor use, helping to make advertising more visible and attractive.

The 155-inch screen Mitsubishi is slightly different to Sony and Samsung's OLED TV releases, in that the screen is made up from hundreds of OLEDs with a 3mm pitch as pixels.

Beating LED

Large LED screens work on the same principle, but OLEDs are able to create a higher overall resolution perception due to the way they're arranged.

But the main problems with OLEDs still exist in that the lifetime is only 20,000 hours, meaning around two and a half years of normal use.

This may be fine for some advertisers, but the technology will have to improve for OLEDs to become the ubiquitous outdoor display technology.

Check out the interview, and sit back and let Nobuo Terazaki talk you through the process:

Via Oled-info


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