5 best 32 inch LCD TVs


While none of our five 32-inch contenders is bad by any means, there is one that must be classed as a disappointment, given the quality levels usually associated with its brand and that's the Panasonic L32X10.

Surprisingly, given the quality of its plasmas, it just doesn't have the black levels or colour saturation to really rival those of our other LCD models today and is hardly cheap.


With all four of our remaining TVs having something good to say for themselves, though, picking our fourth-placed set is inevitably going to be a rather harsh decision. But it's got to be done, so let's go for the Toshiba 32AV635.

This TV is, for the most part, outstanding value, punching well above its price tag – especially with standard definition – and actually making it a great choice for the buyer on a tight budget.

However, in the end we can't ignore the fact that it has considerably fewer features than our remaining three TVs, and doesn't have the brightness or HD kudos to win us over totally.

Our bronze medal goes, then, to Sony's KDL-32W5500. This highly specified TV is reasonably well priced, considering what it offers, and is more than capable of serving up truly outstanding pictures.

But its rather limited online system, motion problems and curious, if rare, glowing artefacts ultimately stop the TV from reaching the top spot.

In second place we've put the Philips 32PFL9604. This is a pretty awesome TV, with a truly fearsome feature count and some absolutely spectacular pictures, with HD and standard definition alike. It even sounds good, for heaven's sake.

In fact, the only thing stopping it from bagging the gold medal is its price; at £950 it really is something only the most quality obsessed, financially untroubled punter will be able to seriously contemplate.

This all means, of course, that our winner is Samsung's 32B650.

Although not perfect (its sound, in particular, needs work), it's phenomenally good value, combining mostly terrific pictures with a huge feature count and gorgeous aesthetics to truly tantalising effect.