5 best 32 inch LCD TVs

Philips 32pfl9604

Philips 32PFL9604

The good: Picture quality; huge feature count; good audio.

The bad: Expensive; some processing elements need care.

Having produced some of the best TVs at this size in the past year, Philips is making the most of its glowing reputation with this feature-packed, aluminium-clad 32" TV. While the inclusion of Ambilight and wireless web browsing are the headline acts, the 32PFL9604 has got much more up its sleeve.

It's exceptionally well connected, with Net TV being Philips' first foray into internet features. Unlike most sets that offer a ring-fenced platform on a wired ethernet connection, the 32PFL9604 can access the Net TV portal using Wi-Fi and even browse the internet at large.

Mini verdict: A fearsomely well-specified, seriously high performance TV, whose qualities certainly don't come cheap. ★★★★★

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