5 best 32 inch LCD TVs

Our favourite picks from the 32" LCD HD TV plethora

Panasonic tx l32x10

Panasonic TX-L32X10

The good: Great operating system; crisp HD pictures; incredibly wide angle viewing.

The bad: Not very vibrant colours; black levels not the best.

This TV's price tag looks pretty steep for what's ostensibly an entry-level TV. After all, Toshiba's 32AV635 above only costs £425, despite including the excellent Resolution+ processing.

The L32X10's price justification process starts well enough, though, with some robust build quality –
even if its predominantly black, angular design is unexciting.

Mini verdict: The L32X10 is a surprisingly average TV with an above average price that doesn't come up trumps. ★★★

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